02 February 2006

Hawken people in the news.

We all know crazy lady Molly Shannon on the left, and those who study indie film know her classmate Greer Goodman on the right, all of us class of '83. Those who watch Conan O'Brien may recognize keyboardist Scott Healy '78; I'll have to ask NGPDJ homegirl Eliza if she got to meet him or not when she was on the show. Those who watch the Superbowl on Sunday may see (as of 1 March 2006) U.S. Steel director of diversity programs David Coleman '69 as instant replay official, and those who follow the Iraq war probably know Generation Kill's author Evan Wright, also class of '83, who was one of my debate partners. We were all state qualifiers 'cos we pretty much know what the hell we're talking about; no dummies allowed.

So I continue my poetry slams working on some radio interviews and making little movies at KingCast.net toward the big one. That is precisely how Generation Kill was made - from a series of Rolling Stone articles. I love the New Age of media.

PS: When I was in Pittsburgh, I got to meet the Cherylann Hawk band, and still listen to their wonderful music. They let me beat on percussive instruments on stage, not 'cos I'm so good a musician as much as probably because I cooked them some really good grub every week! I was the 'rasta with the pasta' at Moondog's blues/jazz bar. Ironically I lived in Blawnox, just up the hill from Moondogs so I could grill the fish, cook the pasta, and run it down to pass it 'round the crowd with cilantro, sauce, roma tomatoes, etc.... My girly Laura made desserts on occasion and there were some special times up in there, for certain. I had my little hot-rodded SPG and life was great.

Cherylann also did art on pizza boxes and wrote a song about Jerome Bettis that I cannot find online. He is a nice man, and I am pulling for him and Pittsburgh on Sunday, totally. Other Pittsburghers I still listen to? That black M-F cello rocker Barrett Black, and Didgeridoo-groovin' Soma Mestizo. We all used to just get our groove on, so tight.


Anonymous said...

This comment arrived in my email today from a supporter I met last week:

First I'd like to say that it was nice to meet this past weekend. Also, after watching several of your movies and examining your site, I must say your story is very intriguing.

After sifting through the info posted on the site, I believe you have a very legitimate case against the folks in Jaffrey NH. It is sad that such occurrances still happen, but as someone who has spent time in Jaffrey, I am also not surprised by your experience.

In my travels up there I recall a certain "backwoods" mentality that at least some of the population exhibited up there (and probably still does!).

Christopher King said...

My Brother,

I thank you for your consideration and comments. I have always thought my life story is fascinating for several reasons, including just measuring the current extant of the Great Black diaspora of/to the north, to which I allude in the "Background" video.

Didn't my parents and older sisters make sacrifices in their lives so that I could enjoy a greater level of freedom than they did?

Here you have this (increasingly-less) young black guy, raised primarily in a Caucasian/Jewish world of privilege, then working as editor/photojournalist for black-owned newspapers, going to law school, reaching out to enjoy the privileges of his position, and getting his ass handed to him by the establishment, from crooked assed Ohio Judges, to American Tower, to Jaffrey, NH -- and for the coup de gras, the goddamn NAACP, to boot.

My clients -- young, old, white, black, able-bodied and physically-challenged, are all waiting to help me make this movie. I keep in touch with them regularly.

It will happen. And I will exercise any and all legal options to remain a "free" man despite their best efforts.