04 February 2006

Go Martina, Go Pittsburgh!

The Pittsburgh part we've covered already from the fun times I had there Jammin' out with Cherylann Hawk Band and others while working for Citynet. The Martina part is equally simple: She just beat odds-on favorite Maria Sharapova 3 & 1 to gain the finals of the Pan Pacific Open. She's not a huge power player yet she can dance with the best of them. Except for a wicked inside-out 2-handed backhand I'm not a big-banger either, so I find it rewarding when I beat up on a court bully, tennis or otherwise, using brains over brawn. Plus, I think she's an hootlarious personality, turning cartwheels one day, doing the Seven-Year Itch the next, and in some ways as sexy, if not sexier, than Maria. The subject requires further study, no doubt.

PS: Don't forget to watch the new short film, Oreo. Look at Gloria at 1:12 mins. into it when she talks to Defendant Levesque. If that's not evil personified, I don't know what is. Nope, this is not your father's NAACP. The transcript is here.

Elena Dementieva won, 2 & 0 (ret). Check out that trophy, willya? It's Beautiful.

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