03 February 2006

First Amendment and niggers up for sale: Ralph Abernathy, Jerry Doyle and King concur.

11 Oct. 2011 -- Update on Jerry Doyle's physical death... his spirit will keep on keepin' on.

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With the recent T-shirt controversies at the State of the Union Address and other Bush events, it's high time I bust out some more of Jerry Doyle's fliers, which were much of the reason I got my ass thrown out of Columbus, Ohio in the first place.

The first one (that's my writing at the bottom, of course) shows what led to the bullshit trespassing charges he faced from the Columbus Public School Board and notes that the arresting officer, Charlie McFadden, is a documented liar who got Allen E. Thrower sent to life in prison before he was correctly exonerated and released. For more on that, scroll down to "not so fast" in the "first place" post, above. In "Background" you see clips of this trial and Minister Donell Muhammad from Mosque #43 call me the "Johnny Cochran of Columbus" and see Michael/Isreal sing Negro spirituals in the hallway after I whupped their asses royally in the criminal case.

Listen to Columbus historian and black studies major James Whitaker discuss the Columbus scene in this audio post, and scroll down for the poop on McFadden, ruining the image of good police officers. Read more about it here and a related case of Jerry's on appeal here, where the court naturally fails to mention that the Board allowed people to use the names of administrators at board meetings if a citizen was issuing a compliment or praise, but not if a complaint was being registered. That smacks of unlawful viewpoint-based prior restraint, every day it does.

The second one documents Reverend Bob Cross' opinion that Doyle's First Amendment Rights were being violated by Columbus City Council because they refused to call him to the podium for nearly a year after he called them "niggers" to show that he did not appreciate them paying for police protection for the Ku-Klux-Klan rallies, as the city was under no legal mandate to do so. That is protected speech every day folks, as long as the meeting did not come to an end because of it. It didn't, so I sued City Council as you can read about here, and hear Jerry note from my disciplinary hearings in Columbus in the "Background" video that "Other attorneys didn't want to go against city-city hall."

The third one and perhaps the best, quotes no less a revered Civil Rights leader than the late Reverend and SCLC founder Ralph/Abernathy who met with Mr. Doyle and who said about Columbus back in the '80s'
"Blacks in Columbus suffer as much now from inequality and poverty as they did during the 1960's, and they aren't fighting hard enough. They need to get back in the fight.... Just because they've got a black man in the Ohio House and a black man on the City Council, they think we have won a victory.... they must be shown into reality."
I was just the Man to do that in Columbus, and I was doing that. But for helping to show them that reality they showed me the door, and the sellout element within the NAACP helped them do it there, and they are helping the system to do it again now, in New Hampshire. They are bullshit and my movie is going to expose each and every one of them. As I said, normally I'm really a nice guy, but you try to lie on me, or to incarcerate me without just cause, and I will go upside your head with a vengeance.

What a shame.

PS: I love Jerry Doyle and what he stands for. He was with me, in fact, when the little red Jetta met its waterloo; I'm certain the leaders of Columbus government breathed a sigh of relief; were happy we were all right!

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