06 February 2006

Dunn's Motion to Dismiss civil case denied; Jaffrey niggardly with Dunn personnel file part deux:

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this is an audio post - click to play
The Hillsborough Clerk of Courts informs me at 3:50p today that Dunn's Motion to Dismiss was properly DENIED.

Above we see scans of Cheshire County Prosecutor Albrecht's Memorandum to Avoid Telling the Truth, with a copy of the 7 Jan 2006 Steve Seitz story from the State's largest newspaper, along with a draft copy of our Memorandum in Response that provides solid documentation as to why Dunn's complete, unabridged personnel file must be immediately produced for in-camera inspection. Meanwhile, watch Gloria Timmons look evil, and watch Albrecht try to shut my blawg down in the short film "Oreo."

For reference, here is niggardly issue part one. Yeah they (or more accurately Albrecht) have objected to production of the personnel file of recently-reinstated Chief Dunn, even though selectmen and/or their counsel Debra Ford have been quoted (without retraction I might add) in the state's largest newspaper as claiming that Dunn was indeed disciplined for "a pattern of inappropriate conduct" and "insubordination." Albrecht's Memorandum basically says that Chief Dunn's discipline is a rumor! It's not a mere rumor, at least according to Attorney Ford, a partner at Devine-Millimet, the same law firm that originally represented NAACP Defendants Timmons and Levesque in my civil case.

Therefore, we had better see a lawsuit or demand for retraction against the Union Leader or Attorney Ford or Albrecht and Jaffrey can step off with the bullshit. I have filed complaints against Dunn with state and local offices that will no doubt be ignored for the same sort of activity while in office. Dunn is of course buddies with recently-deposed NH AG Peter Heed for those of you new to this blawg. In fact, Heed held Albrecht's job immediatly prior to Albrecht's ascension. Neat.

I understand loud and clear: The state can try to shut down whatever it wants to when it comes to my efforts to dessiminate information, while refusing to provide clearly relevant information demanded by me. What a joke. Media and law students will be reviewing this matter within the next several days, you bet. I just want to know w'happened to the love and support from the NAACP?

PS: Many people have said that I resemble Denzel Washington. He is a trained actor; I just play one on the Internet. One thing we do have in common in addition to our Fine Brown Skin, however, is that it took both of us too long to get our props. See Jadakiss and Anthony Hamilton about that. And as Denzel told Lou Diamond Phillips in Courage Under Fire (clearly Oscar-worthy material), "If you give me a hard time, son (read: NAACP) I will bear no compunction whatsoever to taking you outside and whipping your ass."


Anonymous said...

And now this from my email files...

Good memo in response! Let's see what the judge does next. I would hardly think that a story in a "well-respected" major newspaper quoting an attorney would be considered a rumor. Albrecht is definitely reaching. Nice try asshole!

Do you have a final trial date yet? Has the judge ruled on your motion to dismiss or will he do that at trial?

Christopher King said...

I will agree with you that Albrecht is certainly "reaching," for what he attempts to grab, other than my neck, I don't know.

And I will stop short of calling him an asshole, but I will note that in the next short film, you are going to see him read part of a blawg entry into the record with a palpable air of scorn and hatred toward me. As I note in a recent audio post, apparently black men are not supposed to be out there riding motorcycles and playing tennis when they are under indictment:


much less making movies about it, which he tried to shut down as well, as you can see in "Oreo," video at www.christopherkingesq.com

apparently, we are supposed to cower in a hole, get scared or sell somebody out, as Gloria and Melanie did to me: