27 February 2006

Did lawyers for the NAACP lie?

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Remember back on or about 1 September, 2005 when Timmons's lawyer Maria Proulx actually wrote, in getting Nashua NAACP President Timmons a huge extension on time, that she was "unable to determine when [Plaintiff's] discovery requests were served on Timmons?" That's odd: Sergeant Richard Young's Return of Service had been filed with the Court way back on 27 July, 12:59 p.m. And her footnote, supported by her signature, indicates she reviewed the file on 29 August -- a whole month later. No wonder she can't bring herself to shake my nigger hand.

And they say I'm angry. Well they're damn right I'm angry: I got this hater cop holding a secret file on me; I got Proulx not shaking my hand and uttering nonsensical statements.... and I got the NAACP in general just flat buggin' out and siding up with the likes of the Ku Klux Klan. It's enough to drive any Good Nigguh' crazy. But I hold on with the patience of Job even as I slip deeper into the lair of the twilight zone.

And you're damn right I will tell (and show) the World all about it. Years from now people will look back at this case and recognize how revolutionary what I'm doing really is, to protect myself. So you haters get out of my ass; stop the hate, stop the lies.... just stop it.

Blawg Yahtzee returns: The importance of video.

PS: Like any other nigguh' you can see I got chicken wing stains on the Sheriff's Return of Service!


WAT said...

Hilarious. I lost count on how many times you used the N word So summarize your beef again, where has the NAACP gone wrong again?

Christopher King said...

Where haven't they gone wrong?