05 February 2006

1998: We got $60K for Michael!!

Yeah, it took 2 years of crap, as noted here, and he deserved more than that, but at least we got the cops also cited as perpetrators pursuant to Ohio's victims of crime statute. They harrassed him pretty much for driving a new 1996 Northstar Cadillac and for telling his brother, in front of his mother's civic-award winning garden, "These cops are racist." They charged him with DWI -- on April Fool's Day, 1996. Too bad he doesn't drink. Honest. Watch what he says about me in the opening of "Oreo."

Gawl-damn my life is stranger than fiction. Anyway, dig that old-skewl phone, right? Dig the Kandinsky calendar.

As you can see below (nice high-top fade, right) back when I addressed high-schoolers during law school back in '92/'93 with my first non-profit "The Education Coalition," I never thought it would turn out this way, but that's what you get when you f*ck with the gub'ment -- and I should have known that after my 4-year stint with the Ohio Attorney General's office. My critics must be right: I am a "stupid M-F." So stupid in fact that I had to resign from my second non-profit "HELP Organization" I structured myself with well-respected NH educator and character witness Chris Hookway.

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