28 February 2006

Court protects Chief Dunn's file.

Judge Arnold completed his in-camera review of Chief Dunn's file, and has denied my attorneys the right to use any of it, despite the fact that he was disciplined for, inter alia, according to Town attorney Ford, a "pattern of inappropriate behavior" that included maintaining secret files on citizens. In case you've missed it, that's Dunn carrying a secret file on me in the picture, so I sued him for Invasion of Privacy and Substantive and Procedural Due Process on that.

Let's see how the Civil Court rules on Dunn producing that file.

"I'm going National," I told the clerk.

PS: Now the criminal court may not know that I filed to amend my complaint in the Civil case involving that spy file, so we're going to file a Motion to Reconsider, post haste. You just can't do that in America, right? Somebody second this Motion, please.

Hey King, check your tone!

All right: I've been called a coconut-head racist. I've been called a sellout oreo. I've been called a womanizer. I've been called gay. I've been told the NAACP "loved and supported me" -- even weeks after they heard from Chief Dunn -- and I've been told that they think I am an extortionist. WTF?

So now a well-intentioned brother from NH informs that my tone is off-putting to some. I told him I understand that, and I plan on working with him, actually. I can work with anyone reasonable. But let's not lose sight of the fact that my tone in the Demand/Letter to recently-suspended Chief Dunn was totally civil, and his response was so/nasty that it landed him a Defamation claim that just won't go away, like herpes. Oops, there I go again. Anyway, now he carries a secret file on me, and the criminal court denied my attorneys the right to use any of his file after the court ORDERED Dunn to provide it. Anyway, my tone was beautiful in helping all kinds of people (scroll to "PS") for the NAACP Nashua brass, while Gloria turned around and told bald-faced lies about me that constitute defamation and resulted in them voting me out of my Chair.

What I have provided the World is a pretty-much unadulterated view into the mind and life (well I don't go into my love life here, something must be sacred) of a black guy under a felony extortion charge in one of the whitest states in the Union (in fact the last one to adopt the MLK Holiday), while fighting the country's oldest Civil Rights Organization -- the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People -- who, once again sided with some white people of questionable integrity, IMHO. It's news of the weird, a twilight zone cinema verite and one wild ride. I hope you enjoy it, because you'll probably never see anything like it again. Although you will see similar things in light of the new age of technology, that's for certain. Just remember where you saw it first =^.)

I think some people fail to understand the tongue-in-cheek nature of my posts. I'm just a dude, no more, no less. That's why it's so funny grandstanding with people like Little Stevie, who is a great guy BTW. You see that newspaper (The Onion) that says "wrongly imprisoned man won't shut up about it" I think that's kinda' funny. No, that is kinda funny. Can't a guy under (wrongful) indictment have little fun? And whether or not I "rock" the Black Film Festival, it will be an interesting experience, no doubt.

PS: Wait until you see my father's issues regarding the NAACP referral lawyers tomorrow. He's got an appellate argument out there in Ohio from where his NAACP referral lawyer took his money, gave him no contract and bailed on him, after a decorated 38-year career with Diamond Shamrock and its successors. Peter Kirsanow was involved in that.

NAACP, Ku Klux Klan announce merger:

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In a move precipitated by years of posturing, shuckin' & jivin', and clandestine meetings with various Northeast Wizards toting secret files, the pair have formally announced their corporate matrimonial bliss shortly after they repeatedly testified as character witnesses for convicted Hate Crime bully Robert/Kalex, against NAACP courts liason Rory Holland. The ceremony was capped with the sacrifice and offerings of Rory Holland and Christopher King, Esq., on the dais next to an Amerikkkan flag. Above you can see nigger King being led over for his sins.

"Praise be the Glory," said NAACP leaders, concerned with NAACP's image as always. "We would have a rough time runnin' dat plantation wif'out Massuh' to help us!" This merger affects only the Maine and Nashua areas, but an adjunct office is being contemplated in Columbus, Ohio, for their years of service in standing by while the Massuh' took King's 40 Acres and mule and stuck it up his ass.
Note: Parody, I think.

27 February 2006

Did lawyers for the NAACP lie?

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Remember back on or about 1 September, 2005 when Timmons's lawyer Maria Proulx actually wrote, in getting Nashua NAACP President Timmons a huge extension on time, that she was "unable to determine when [Plaintiff's] discovery requests were served on Timmons?" That's odd: Sergeant Richard Young's Return of Service had been filed with the Court way back on 27 July, 12:59 p.m. And her footnote, supported by her signature, indicates she reviewed the file on 29 August -- a whole month later. No wonder she can't bring herself to shake my nigger hand.

And they say I'm angry. Well they're damn right I'm angry: I got this hater cop holding a secret file on me; I got Proulx not shaking my hand and uttering nonsensical statements.... and I got the NAACP in general just flat buggin' out and siding up with the likes of the Ku Klux Klan. It's enough to drive any Good Nigguh' crazy. But I hold on with the patience of Job even as I slip deeper into the lair of the twilight zone.

And you're damn right I will tell (and show) the World all about it. Years from now people will look back at this case and recognize how revolutionary what I'm doing really is, to protect myself. So you haters get out of my ass; stop the hate, stop the lies.... just stop it.

Blawg Yahtzee returns: The importance of video.

PS: Like any other nigguh' you can see I got chicken wing stains on the Sheriff's Return of Service!

NAACP Image Awards are nice, but......

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Update: Rory Holland has been charged with and I believe convicted of murder and sentenced to Life in Prison. Here he speaks at sentencing.

All is not well with the NAACP, most notably in the Northeast:

First comes the summary. Rory Holland and I think the NAACP should stop and pay attention to its core values instead of throwing gala gatherings and aligning itself with the wrong/side and helping to stifle Free Speech up here.

To wit: This includes agreeing with a recently-suspended Police Chief Martin Dunn in Jaffrey, New Hampshire who holds secret files on me -- a former legal redress chair -- as well as the Portland, Maine Chapter providing character witness to support Robert Kalex, who was found guilty of a Hate Crime against Mr. Holland -- a former NAACP court liason -- in Portland. You can surf into an actual Supreme Court Decision affirming a Hate Crime conviction.

They got away with slamming Free Speech in Portland, but they have not/succeeded thus far in New Hampshire, where I am droppin’ mad knowledge:

For an appetizer on Boston's intransigence, and a full first course on the other jurisdictions, visit the Political Switchboard for a recently-published commentary:

Meanwhile, NAACP has problems out in the other Portland as well; but I don't have an inside source on this one, where the Sec'y is accused of attempted murder and kidnapping. That could all be bullshit, too. I'll reserve further comment.

Meanwhile, Rory’s blog is here. Remember: his assailant, Robert Kalex, was convicted of a Hate Crime pursuant to 5 MRSA 4681(6), while the NAACP showed up to offer character witness on Kalex’s behalf, according to the Court file and Mr. Holland, the victim.

Don Knotts didn't die, he's in Jaffrey New Hampshire!

And he's staying there with his stupid NAACP friends for a while, apparently. Here's a bit more on secret-file holding Jaffreys Police Chief Martin Dunn, and my case summary over at the Switchboard. BTW, whatever complaint tried to bring to bear on Town Manager Jon Sistare was kicked to the M-F curb, according to the Monadnock Ledger.

I wonder what Charlie Bauer thinks of this post, since he encouraged the Court to read my blawg months ago and my sources tell me he looked at it at about 10:15 a.m. this morning. He too, drives SAAB, a 2nd gen 900T Conv. that looks like this. He would be wise to spend more time instead telling his client to turn over that goddamn illegal file on me he's carrying. Those guys are busted. By a nigger. Query, did they turn over the Good Chief's personnel file as ORDERED by the criminal court for my honkay attorneys? (No offense, Dave, Rob just making a point 'cos you know you be my fav'rit honkays).

PS: All condolences to Don Knotts' family, and ongoing to John Ritter's family. Y'all were some funny-assed nigguh's, and that's no word of a lie. And Jack was livin' large, right?

26 February 2006

"I'm a War President!"

Yeah you sure are and here's an hilarious, nicely-tweaked video to highlight it. Then NOFX joins in with a charming little ditty as well. Fact: My business partner and one of my lawyers largely disagree with these movies. But they still support me because this is America, dammit.
My case summary, and the Unauthorized Bush Biography.

Busta's Bodyguard.

Clyde Haberman makes a solid point in his recent piece that "stop snitchin'" has gone too far, and that Isreal Ramirez's killer may never be brought to Justice because of it. However, people have come forward in Biggie and Tupac's murders, yet not much came of that. I am tired of most commercial hip-hop anyway. And besides, if you come forward to the NAACP, they won't help because they are too busy sleeping with the enemy these days, including folks wearing KKK KKKensembles. True dat.
My case summary.

King rocks Black Film Festival!

Oh, we'll have an entry, showing the reel me and the reel face of the Northeast NAACP. Then next year, if I'm in prison or not because of the NAACP lies, we're gonna' bust with our Trial-Pod movies. Damn we're some smaaaahhhht nigguh's, right? No matter who does it next, I said it first -- and nobody's got a story like mine, anywhere. Well, except Rory Holland, of course, but he'll be featured in it along with some other material from my soon-to-be redesigned website. Funny, even if most of my crew is white, the system still hates on us like niggers. And wait until they find out who's been in the background the whole time. LMAO at you/haters.

PS: Shani Davis would dig it. Now it's time for my morning sk8.
My case summary.

25 February 2006

How Portland NAACP screwed Rory Holland:

Take a look at how the Executive Committee Member (and town police employee) Moses Sebunya and Police Chief Michael Chitwood are buddy buddy board members at the "Institute for Practical Democracy," whatever that is. Rory Holland was a volunteer who had been asked to work as a court liason to watch for disparities in the judicial-legal-criminal matrix.

Holland contends that Sebunya had expressly told him to come to the NAACP Executive Committee meeting when he tried to forward the concerns about Candy Wright being a victim of police abuse, and I believe him. Then Moses by a 4-2 Supreme Court Decision, got away with slamming Rory's First Amendment Rights by having his Black ass arrested as he was advocating on behalf of Ms. Wright. Just like the situation with Willie Toney and me. But they didn't get the satisfaction of arresting me, and they won't. Instead they are going to pay me through the nose.

Moreover, while the court decision doesn't mention it, Mr. Holland states that the NAACP actually testified on behalf of the white man who committed an act of racial intimidation against him, while wearing a charming KKK ensemble, while his girlfriend called Holland a nigger, as noted in this post:

Speaking of Klansmen, Why did the NAACP testify as character witensses in favor of Robert Kalex, on several occasions, as someone who did eventually serve time for a subsequent attack on Mr. Holland? See Memorandum 05-50, Affirmed one year ago, 28 Feb. 2005. When reporters asked the NAACP if they would march against racism, they declined and said "it's personal" -- yet and still they testified on behalf of Mr. Kalex. I can't wait to talk to Mr. Holland's lawyer about this pattern.


Then it's funny how Sebunya in another case later sued about his First Amendment Rights being truncated, only to have it come out through his testimony that he had somehow (read: Chitwood?) obtained unbid contracts for City work, as noted in the Boston Phoenix.

These house nigguh's honestly think they're ready for me at a trial? I'm snickering at that notion: They haven't been ready/yet.

PS: I just remembered this is not the first time I heard about Portland and how it treats its nigguh's....

Go Shani, go!

See how America's best or at least tied for best speed skater can't even catch a break from the police? Same Riding While Black,Driving While Black shit that happened to my client Michael/Isreal and Willie/Toney (and me, even in law school, BTW) happened to him. ACLU attorney Harvey Grossman said: "Generally, you've been stopped by a policeman if you're 16 years old and black in Chicago." I spent a lot of time in Chicago as a kid and in law school and I won't go that far. But I can see why he said it. And I wish Shani Davis the best. In honor of Shani and Chad, I'm going for an inline skate tomorrow, 7:30 sharp.

Go Shani, go!

See how America's best or at least tied for best speed skater can't even catch a break from the police? Same shit that happened to my client Michael/Isreal and Willie/Toney (and me, even in law school, BTW) happened to him. ACLU attorney Harvey Grossman said: "Generally, you've been stopped by a policeman if you're 16 years old and black in Chicago." I spent a lot of time in Chicago as a kid and in law school and I won't go that far. But I can see why he said it. In honor of Shani and Chad, I'm going for an inline skate tomorrow, 7:30 sharp.

Northeast NAACP is a corrupt network.

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My opinion. Exhibits A, B, C, and D, showing how in Portland, Maine they actually testified for a white-cloak wearing KKK assailant instead of one of us because he pushed the envelope to advocate for a victim of police abuse while the NAACP Executive Chair is employed by the Portland Police Department. Wow. Dancing with the Devil.

PS: I just remembered this is not the first time I heard about Portland and how it treats its nigguh's....

Look who I met today!

These good white folks refuse to be treated like niggers too! I told NAACP I was going to take this case beyond the restrictive confines of the NH media, controlled by NAACP's attorneys Orr & Reno. And next I go to Amnesty International. And then if they want some more, I'll be the first nigguh' to podcast his own First Amendment trial. Every stupid look, or grimace, every inarticulate, stupid thing NAACP says, as they said when trying to shut down my website for "stalking" -- which failed -- EVERYTHING will be at my beck and call.

These Northeast NAACP (National Association of Anti-Christ Poo'butts) have a history of failing to represent victims of police abuse when it threatens them. They fucked Rory Holland, legal liason in Portland, ME too because he really wanted to get something done about the abuse allegedly occasioned against Candy Wright, but they got him arrested because NAACP official Moses Sebunya had friends over at the city and he worked in the police department! Dig it. Tried to lock him up just as they tried with me.

Read Holland v. Sebunya, 200 ME 160, and read the dissent, too, citing Dennis v. Sparks, 449 U.S. 24, 27-28 (1980): "Private persons, jointly engaged with state officials in the challenged action, are acting 'under color' of law for purposes of § 1983 actions," which supports my contention that Defendants Timmons and Levesque and Dunn should be tried for Constitutional Deprivations in my case!

And I'm not exactly certain what the NAACP did to help him in regard to being accosted in State v. Kalex, 2002 ME 26 by people like Robert Kalex, wearing KKK robes and calling him a "nigger," for which Kalex earned a 364-day prison sentence, which was vacated over the vigorous objection of Judge Alexander, who wrote:
"The record establishes that Denise Everest was Robert Kalex's girlfriend. She harbored a long standing hatred towards the victim, Rory Holland, ultimately convincing Kalex to exclude Holland from Kalex's business. On the night of the incident, Everest was confrontational with the police, being "highly intoxicated and highly agitated." During this confrontation, according to Kalex's own testimony, Everest referred to the victim as a "nigger."...... M.R. Evid. 608(a) is not a license to bring prejudice and hate into the courtroom in the guise of reputation evidence.... I would affirm the judgment."
Now back to my case, Chief Dunn's secret files in violation of Rule 98 are (at best) irrelevant Rule 608 materials designed to taint me in the criminal case. And prosecutor Albrecht tried to shut down my blawg, too, so I couldn't talk about the violation. You can watch that in the "Oreo" video at the website. Get it? Got it. Super. People can love me, hate me, whatever I don't give a rat's ass. But the government will not shut me down. They shut me down, and you, and you, and you -- are next.

I have an odd relationship with the Daily Kos folks to say the least, but they are starting to get it. Here is a case summary.

Here's a good blawg for you haters to think about:

That's why it's high time for a lil' Civil Disobedience.

Secret files: NAACP called King an asshole!

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They sure did. I waited exactly a year to nail this point home. And they did this despite all the favors I did for the entity proper and its "leaders" improper, as seen in my napalm post. But remember, I warned Chief Dunn's suspension lawyer a year ago that they should not f*ck with me or I would air their dirty laundry. Read the highlighted paragraph. Now look what's gone and done happened: We see who the asshole really is. As Chris Rock says, I love me some black people, but I hate me some.....

24 February 2006

Speaking of shows....

These new iPod thing-uh'-ma-jiggers are pretty neat, huh?
See you on the 13th.

Don't miss the show!

I won't. It's on 10 March, 2006, right before the hearing in NH Hillsborough County South on 13 March, 2006 where Defendant Dunn will have to come and explain why he can keep secret/files on my nigger ass, as noted in the relevant scans from my Motion for Injunctive Relief.

NAACP had better watch out: They don't know who's going to back me on this, or what we are going to do, but it will blow their minds tenfold compared to what has already/happened.

Negroes; others question Nashua NAACP:

Crisis? You bet. I'm giving these cop-kissin' obsequious negroes and their high-priced lawyers a Good and Proper First Amendment beating for telling lies about me. A nick here, a cut there, and they are bleeding out all over the place. That's the Blackenroe Way, not on a Tennis Court but in a court of Law. As I say, the brother from the anti-Bush project World Can't Wait is taking a look into this case, and another brother from New Hampshire chimed in with this yesterday:
I'm a Black guy also in NH in Manchester, believe me the NAACP here in NH has not been effective, try contacting the Ujima. They are restarting the NAACP in Manchester the New guys are much MUCH better try contacting them if Nashua stone walls you!
Problem is, at this point of course NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon (a man born of corporations) on down the line are going to hold steady, stuck on stupid, the results of which certainly do not inure to the benefit of anybody, much less Gloria, Melanie or the Nashua NAACP chapter with their new website. But it does give my crew and me plenty of material to use :)

CBS News reported:"Others worry his appointment signals a political shift to the right in the NAACP, at a time when civil rights are under threat." I hope that's not what it's going to be about, but my case provides substantial basis to support that concern, while the NAACP befriends a cop who was suspended for keeping secret files on people and who has been ORDERED to provide his personnel file to the criminal court for inspection. People in Jaffrey are like, WTF???

PS: I love education, helping people like Gloria's sister and her friend in Hartford, and robots.

PPS: Mr. Gordon admits he does not come from a Civil Rights background, and wants to help make the NAACP a more vibrant organization, to attract 20-35 year olds. Well I can help him with both of those goals because I certainly do come from a Civil Rights background (and I whupped Gloria's stalking petition on Civil Rights grounds) and that demographic is totally down with me as I helped get them better working conditions at American Tower Corp. (Gordon was a telecommunications icon)

I noted my ability to court the younger crowd just yesterday, at the same business address of the former gallery owner who last year provided false testimony about me to support the Jaffrey Police and the NAACP. Wow.

No matter where they go, there I am.

23 February 2006

This is hilarious!

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Google "Nashua NAACP" and see what you get. A bunch of lawsuits, links to my short films and my blawg entries about how full of shit they are. I told them this would happen. What 'dey thinkin', batting for the wrong team?

And as NAACP's media lawyers at Orr & Reno will tell you - when they are not busy avoiding my nigger handshake - the stink from that Internet shit is permanent, like the stain on my reputation for catching an extortion charge, or like doody on your finger, right? Look at Gloria's evil eye and flared snout. The beatings will continue until the morale improves.

PS: So tonight I hung out with Kenleigh and Mike while listening to the Ryan O'Neill Project. That is one bad white boy (his Michael Jackson "Human Nature" send-up is off the chain), and his mocha and international sidekicks like soul-reggae master Darian Cunning rule. While there, I passed word on to the folks at World Can't Wait (to get rid of Bush). One of my lawyers as well as my business partner disagree with some of my politics but they both fully support me and this goddamn blawg; you better believe it. And so does everyone else I mentioned. They will be watching.

PPS: I miss the Good ol' Days of the NAACP, you know, when being a nigguh' really counted for something, like in NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware, 459 U.S. 898 (1982) when you didn't have to worry about these tawdry-assed, sellout sucker punk niggas ignoring the same emails that white folks at the Department of Labor acted on to the tune of $300K. In Claiborne, supra, Medgar Evers (RIP) told them negroes if they were caught sleeping with the enemy "We'll break your damn neck." But now just look at who these niggas will actively court.