06 January 2006

We'll miss you, Lou.

Lou Rawls. Does anyone have to say more than that? Not really. This man, who has helped more (primarily) minority youth to attend college than any other single person, and who has worked with everybody from Nick Cage, to Elisabeth Shue (what a babe, smart, sexy brown-eyed, full-lipped and all that), to Sam Cooke to Beck, to Devo (Rugrats musicians are the Mothersbaugh brothers, to whom we usedta' skateboard at Rainbow skatepark in their hometown of Akron as a yoot) has slipped from our physical midst. But never from the spiritual.

PS: For my detractors on a certain other board: Beck and Devo were laughed at, too, but they both stood firm and were way ahead of their time. Now they jam out together; get that respect they deserve. Duty Now for the Future!

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