17 January 2006

The Volinsky Papers: No more 'Mickey-Mouse' emails; a squeeze 'play.'

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Well really it's not a play. It's going to be a movie, most likely a docu-drama in the style of Harlan County, U.S.A.

The squeeze begins to develop where I've shown on multiple occasions where Defendant Chief Dunn's Civil case lawyer Charlie Bauer, who accused me of falsifying evidence, and who has (mis)represented to the Court that there were no material emails between the two of us, has in fact either:
a) lied, or has been
b) unflinchingly reckless
with regard to such representations. This of course affects the civil and criminal and Unauthorized Practice of Law cases that are all on the table because the emails clearly show a credible claim that he was on notice almost a year ago that I had told Attorney Andru Volinsky about my unlicensed status when seeking help for Willie Toney, the young black man who faced 3 drawn police guns and a bend over cough search prior to being acquitted on a "loitering" charge -- pro se no less.

But who is Volinsky for the uninitiated? Well I'll tell you. The second squeeze comes in and begins to develop because he was Dunn's lawyer for his suspension hearing, where in he was just reinstated for what the Union Leader reports included a "pattern of inappropriate conduct" and "insubordination," although you can't get much more information than that from City Hall, which is pissing off many residents, some of whom are moving because of it.

The squeeze becomes final where I make the point in a court filing today that if both of these two highly-paid counsel forgot to tell Chief Dunn about this excuplatory evidence they did their client a huge disservice. And if they did tell him, then he refused to provide this exculpatory evidence per Rule 98 in the criminal case, now civil liability may attach for that as noted per relevant case law. McMillan v. Johnson, 88F.3d 1554, C.A. 11 (ala.), July 9, 1996 and the First Amendment retaliation conspiracy case similar to my Civil suit against Dunn and local NAACP chiefs Moreno v. Town of Cicero, Unrep. F.Supp.2d 2002 WL #31017932, N.D. Ill., 2002.

So either way somebody's not getting to home plate safely -- especially Charlie Bauer, who has gone the extra mile of affirmatively misrepresenting to the court that "that's the Universe, Your Honor," with respect to the Mickey-Mouse emails he actually produced between the two of us that were totally unimportant. Based on his active misrepresentation, the Court:
a) failed to honor a subpoena request from me, and
b) did further refuse to make him step down from the case as a material witness.

"I believe Mr. King has ulterior motives," Your Honor, was what Bauer said.

Now we see that was nothing but a ruse to hide his lies and deception.


So we return to Jaffrey, where people are holding secret meetings about Chief Dunn and the whole screwed-up nature of the Police force. And they expect me to be worried about a conviction out there, or to offer them a deal? With an albatross like Dunn by his side, and a populist Defendant like me, Prosecutor Albrect couldn't convict a nazi war criminal -- especially once word about Dunn's ethical breaches hits the fan out there and reasonates with those pissed-off Jaffrey residents who are now ashamed to say that they live there:
"There's people on the streets, with signs, it is embarrassing, this has never happened before, I don't even tell people I'm from Jaffrey, don't want my friends to come see me, don't even mention Jaffrey to nobody."

PS: You gotta' like the working title of the movie, eh?
"The Volinsky Papers." Sound all clandestine and sh*t, right? Well because it was clandestine -- but not on my part. Anyway, I stole it from the Valachi Papers, a somewhat uneven Charles Bronson and of course Jill Ireland (beautiful eyes, right?) flick of my childhood, which -- appropriatedly -- culminated in Senate Te$ti-monay hearings.

PPS1: This is the racial composition of Jaffrey: 97.32% White, 0.42% African American, 0.35% Native American, 0.69% Asian, 0.00% Pacific Islander, 0.04% from other races, and 1.19% from two or more races. 0.57% of the population are Hispanic or Latino of any race.

PPS2: Don't care where you come from..... as long as you're a black man.... you're an African.....

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