24 January 2006

Scalia's forehand & ethics suck.

Scalia's racial entitlement quote is scary. Now of course I am not currying any favor against someone who could stand in judgment of my Kelly Ayotte First Amendment case. But this is America dammit and I will speak my mind. Looking back on this 7 year-old post as to when silly-assed Kelly Ayotte had me under indictment that whole experience still blows my mind. What a complete waste of taxpayer monies, but she just had to try to put me down as NAACP Legal Chair. What she got was a can of ass-whup.

Too busy out busting tennis balls with his Federalist Society buddies to attend the Roberts confirmation? If a judge or justice that damn big can play these games, nobody should wonder that dishonest police, dishonest lawyers, hateful corporations like American Tower, and little judges in lower Federal or State posts could commit much larger ethical/breaches to put down an arrogant lil' nigger like me, foreseeably and proximately causing substantial grief that the World will see on the Big Screen. BTW the poster behind my head was the work of a local Columbus artist and it reads in full: "End Racism. It's a Personal Decision."

I watched the video, and take it from a guy with a somewhat problematic forehand himself Tony: Low-to-high and follow through:

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