04 January 2006

Preamble to "American Lawyer" #1

From former boss and noted Civil Rights Attorney Terry H. Gilbert, Esq:

"There are few more noble causes that a lawyer can pursue.....lawyers must be on the frontline of that struggle to give meaning and dimension to the First Amendment to generate ideas regardless of their implications. To silence opposition seems to be the modus operandi of the state in order to consolidate its power over its citizens, particularly after 9/11......

I know Christopher King embodies the spirit of those who came before us who have sacrificed greatly for this cause. He has experienced all kinds of injustice in his young career, and his message needs illuminated to people as example of what can happen for speaking out in today's society, even as a lawyer."

-Terry H. Gilbert, Esq.


Chris Laurel said...

One of the biggest problems facing the legal community is the way we educate aspiring attorneys. It is illogical and pointless. We have known this for a long time, yet we continue with the same broken system, despite the consequences. I am preparing a letter to the dean of my law school and the American Bar Association. I'd welcome any input. It is the first entry on my blog:


Christopher King said...

I am about to quote some of your stuff, and blogroll you. Can my film maker and I roll down to one of your classes for spoken word using some of the footage/movie clips we've got?

We can do a joint session at the spot there across from CBGB's, too.

I'm in CT.

One problem: I can't find the letter, and the long one referencing environment/RFK seems to end, and I can't read the rest of it. But I dig the content.

When you talk about media, check out my offer that expires tomorrow for these fat-cats to come out and play:


As far as educating law students about what sort of real and true pratfalls are out there, and how you can get run the hell over, look no further than this recent post:


And that mercury issue is very real. I've been hearing about that lately. Drink lots of green tea. It tends to flush a lot of things away.

Talk soon,


SHE said...

Did you ever find Chris Laurel's letter about law school education? As a law student, I am interested in what Chris said. (And as a 1L, I don't have any idea what s/he is talking about...). You know my email. Thanks.