21 January 2006

Poet slammed for Extortion.

One of my recent prose/rhetoric/short film presentations at Shacojazz Art Cafe apparently was caught on film, as I previously wrote about Connecticut Advocate photographer Paul Desmarais and his big honkin' Nikon (scroll down to Law and Argument II B.), showing how the NH Attorney General's office is a disingenuous, wholly derelict in its duties involving valid ethics complaints that I file, and how Gloria Timmons lied in her Deposition. I'm so busy I didn't even notice that the story ran 2 weeks ago, but some peeps in the community told me about it tonight. Community folk love me and love what I'm doing.

I just smile and love them right back even thought the establishment tries to slam me for extortion and a bullshit unauthorized practice of law claim for which one of their witnesses who didn't show up to court is about to receive a Defamation Complaint: She admitted to going to my website (as I instructed her when passing this card), but then claims that I actually represented to her that I was a licensed attorney when the focal point of the website is my suspension!! Just as with the emails that just shot Attorney Bauer and Chief Dunn right in the foot in several/occasions in my Civil Case against them, I know I've got printouts from my website at a time contemporaneous to our meeting that will clearly show that I was not hiding my license status. That's why I called this witness a jackass in the first place.

Me, an extortionist? Yeah, right. It's funny, but especially when juxtaposed with me serving tea and crumpets at work in next week's New York Times feature piece.

PS: Yeah I'm a bad M-F but this isn't really about me.
As I note in my movies, it's about Civil/Rights -- which Boston NAACP President Lenny Alkins and Nashua NAACP can't seem to recognize, even though former Boston NAACP president and members of Boston City Council and their staff can and do.
This is Shacojazz Art Cafe:

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