11 January 2006

People are watching this case unfold:

The illustrious Susan Orr-Klopfer, Southwest historian and writer, and owner of the Emmett Till blog, has blogrolled this page. So have a few others, but she and people who follow her are definitely a prime audience. People who don't candy-coat the Truth but who instead speak their friggin' minds with impunity.

PS: And now this, from Chris Laurel's NYC Accuracyblog.
The poster is a law student.

"Hey, I just replied to you on your blog - I like your blog a lot. I'll link to it under my law blogs."

And this: I have one of your videos on.....If you don't mind taking a moment, I'd like your feedback on this post: [coming after work tonight].
Then the viewer/reader says on my work break:
Cool - videos are done well. Impressed.

Thank you. We appreciate that and I say:

You can take my blawg away when you pry my cold, stiff fingers from the keyboard....

PS: Now here's something opposing counsel might want to think about on that ethics complaint against Chief Dunn on direct testimony in the criminal or civil case I can still use it:
Horan/Wilson: Mr. King you contend that Chief Dunn is a lying manipulator?
King: You bet.
Horan/Wilson: Have you ever complained to any public agencies about that?
King: You bet.
Horan Wilson: Did you maintain a record of your complaints?
King: You're f*ckin'A right I did, you wanna' see the bullshit I got on him?

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