13 January 2006

NH: Screwing dark people since 1944.

Remember the IMF party at Bretton Woods? What a lovely place to ski; I love it for that -- but Jamaica and the rest of the Southern Hemisphere remembers it as a nightmare.

Phillipines Professor of Sociology and Public Administration Walden Bello and Thai Development consultant Shea Cunningham claim:

"However, it is becoming increasingly clear that, whatever may be the subjective intentions of the doctrinaire technocrats that are tasked to implement them, structural adjustment programs were never meant to succeed. Instead, they have functioned as key instruments in the North's effort to roll back the gains that had been made by the South from the 1950s to 1980s...."

"These decades were marked by high rates of economic growth in the Third World. They also witnessed successful struggles of national liberation, and the coming together of southern states at the global level to demand a New International Economic Order (NIEO) that would entail a more equitable distribution of global economic power."

Oh, you bet it's a deep issue; one that was featured a few months ago at the Nashua Library Civil Rights film series. Yeah, I attend geek stuff like that. It keeps you smart and you learn what works in film and what doesn't.

Oh, lest I forget: Remember that 2004 slavery bust in the "Live Free or Die" state? You'll pay hell to find a story about that on Google or anywhere else because of the way it was cached -- or not -- by the press. But I'll show you that puppy right here and here.

So for them to come after me, and for NAACP to run scared -- that's a no brainer; a lead-pipe cinch. Sadly, NAACP n****** never said or did much about the slavery issue. That's but one reason why I'm not down with them.

As far as crack-cocaine/voter fraud, and unethical judicial appointment activity, you can see what the NAACP's black women will -- and won't -- do.

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