17 January 2006

News of the Weird.

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In Cheshire County NH former NAACP Legal Chair Christopher King stands final pretrial Wednesday, 25 Jan. 2006 for extortion -- i.e. holding another (the Jaffrey, NH Police Department) up to public ridicule by "threatening" a press conference and/or litigation regarding police abuse. His film crew should be present so anyone with anything to say is welcome to come out so we can shoot you in shadow or straight-on, whatever your preference, no matter what you have to say. This is now a National project. Watch some of the current movies at the website.

King notes that the town selectmen have, in the past month, tried to oust Police Chief Martin Dunn, and brought the charges against him for "a pattern of inappropriate behavior" and "insubordination" according to the Union Leader. Meanwhile the citizens have alternately called for the ouster of the Chief, the City Manager, the Selectmen, and everybody who makes them feel nervous, all sketched-out:

One resident (All wish to remain anonymous,) "we still have to live here", stated yesterday that "we just don't feel safe anymore, too many unanswered questions, silence" as long as "...[Dunn] is chief, and we aren't don't know, aren't allowed to know, what is going on, I don't know who to trust." Others present want answers.

She went on, saying that "We pay these people, they keep us in the dark, they're doing something wrong, you know, something is wrong when they have to hide."

Read about it here in Bad Cop News.

They can't even agree if Dunn, who may have concealed material evidence in King's criminal case, has been disciplined or not. From the Peterborough Transcript:

Last Friday the Board of Selectmen issued a press release announcing an end to the investigation of Dunn, stating, “Appropriate disciplinary action has been taken...Effective immediately, Chief Dunn has been instructed to return to work.”

Dunn stated, “I was not disciplined...They conducted this four-week investigation and were unable to substantiate anything.”

Says King, "What the hell is this jibberish? Their situation out there is all cattewhompas..... I filed a complaint with the selectmen about Dunn hiding evidence in my case that I had contacted both of his lawyers with critical information tending to show my innocence in the criminal case. I might meet with some of those people out there, let them know I've both sued and represented police officers; had one police officer serve as my expert witness against some other officers. I'm an open and fair sorta guy and I want good honest, open government, same as they do.

Besides, no harm, no foul.... I'm charged with holding them up to ridicule? Apparently they don't need my help to look ridiculous."

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