01 January 2006

More about Jackass Jackie Ellwood:

I told you she was a straight up jackass the other day for saying that I promised her the Earth, Sun and Moon and solicited her business using these cards. She went to the website, which destroys her whole point -- because I liberally discuss the suspension there -- so now I'll show you another reason why people can't say I withhold information about being suspended:
Scroll down and read my press release from 24 June '05 at Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground. Does it not say,
"King, an experienced but currently suspended Civil Rights/Employment Attorney notes that the indictment was handed down three (3) days after he initially posted his weblog critical of the way a case was handled by the NAACP and the town of Jaffrey, New Hampshire."
And Evan's blawg has been linked to my site since I wrote that and months before I met Jackass Jackie. Hell my own blawg talks about it, too -- from Day One but they will argue I altered that. Those guys are just, well......

PS: She didn't appear at the preliminary Injunction Hearing but the Court still granted it. I can't wait to get her on the stand later though. Can't wait.

Blawg yahtzee: Why Jackie Ellwood is a liar; see also "background" movie at the website; may have to rt-click-save.

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