07 January 2006

Law and media are for the birds.

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See, you never know when somebody's going to try to drop a load of crap on you, but you do know that they will try. On the miner's story, they couldn't hit the broad side of a f*ckin' barn
taking the lead in the faux pas walk of shame.

Even well-intentioned institutions have this problem, and we know that in this case the deadline has come and gone for the NAACP and WMUR to engage in public discourse about who should have access to the courtroom.

I'm getting ready to have the noise on a certain CD cleaned up so I can hear exactly what happened in that meeting with Willie Toney, Gloria Timmons, Hannah Dunchas and Casey Goodwin. See post below.

PS: I dig my main man "Ann Individual" at bad cop news, which has links to a number of really great "sucks" domains. He and I will keep an eye on things involving my case; share videos, raise awareness, etc.

PPS1: Now here's some news you can use: I betcha' I can find an email from NAACP Defendant Levesque's sister to me where she wrote: "Timing is everything -- let someone else pursue Willie Toney's complaint." Oh.... I see, so I'm facing 7 years now because of some internal, nebulous "timing" concern. HERE IT IS:

PPS2: And some more: An interview with prep school buddy and frontline Iraq imbedded reporter Evan Wright "Generation Kill," with whom I almost transferred to Vassar to finish my undergrad. Had the application on the plate and got complacent. Probably the biggest mistake I've ever made, but it's All Good. Who knows. Could have been hit by a bus at Vassar and died, whatever ;-)

Meanwhile, Evan's story is about to become a 6-unit HBO series!!! Solid. Evan, Greer, Molly, all my crazy classmates rock; ain't shy of a camera, a bullet, or to tell a story, that's for certain. Read his book; listen to the NPR excerpts about the 'Killer Elite' -- it's sublime.

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