10 January 2006

King nails detractors in the spirit of Dr. King:

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Yeah, buddy you just read this here Notice of New Evidence I'm overnighting to the Court (I'm about to scan the document). See, on or about 30 March, 2005 I wrote/(p.2) to Chief Dunn's suspension lawyer, Andru Volinksy, that I never:


1. held myself out as licensed attorney;

2. acted in ultra vires manner as chair of the Greater Nashua NAACP.

I do not expect you to offer any testimony on number 2, I've got that covered, but as to number 1, it doesn't make sense that I would call you to represent the black man unless I wasn't licensed. Otherwise I would have asked for a pro hac vice support. You also gave me the names of at least two (2) other attorneys, at least one of whom I telephoned as well.
Dunn is on a witch hunt because I have uncovered something ugly about police procedure that evening, pure and simple. And he has intimidated the NAACP into having him as a guest speaker and ignoring my points. And believe me, you watch the movie on my website and read the documents section there and you will see that I know precisely what the heck I am talking about.

As you can even see by Toney letter #6 that I attached yesterday, this is ridiculous. And I've never hidden my suspension from anybody. It is in fact the centerpiece of my movie short, authorized biography and upcoming feature length film.


I am sorry to bother you with this but I must defend myself against this baseless and scurrilous attack, and I thought that as you have some representive capacity with either Jaffrey or Cheshire County your honest statement or testimony in this regard could help.


Christopher King, J.D.


Attorney Volinsky replied as follows:

Dear Mr. King, I don't represent you. I don't have a representative capacity with any county. I cannot help. Sorry. A


But of course we all know by now that Attorney Volinsky represents Chief Dunn in his suspension hearings..... so WTF? Maybe he didn't back when I wrote him, but does that make me a criminal?

New Hampshire was the last State in the Union to recognize Dr. King's legacy. Is this the way that the Nashua NAACP wants to be remembered now... as a pack of liars? They all need to leave me alone and pay me for all of their lies; get back to recognizing what Dr. King stood for.

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