08 January 2006

King goes ghetto, uses former Boston NAACP President to shoot Timmons dead.*

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In a shocking disclosure specifically designed to rock heads, King announces that Nashua, NH NAACP President Gloria Timmmons has lied about yet something else: She said that the NAACP is not free to accept voluntary contributions from Willie Toney. At 20 minutes into a CD that the State of New Hampshire declined to bring to its UPL hearing she says "It's a free service, we cannot accept any money."

"That's poppycock," says former Nashua Legal Redress Chair King, (who is uncertain of any direct relation to the great fallen Civil Rights leader): "Louis A. Elisa, II -- a former Boston NAACP President and I talked about the value of voluntary contributions to a chapter from litigants or from anywhere else, for that matter. It's fine. That's what we do." [Note]: Elisa was president before mealy-mouthed Lenny "I don't have time to read emails about discrimination" Alkins.


King has claimed all along that Willie Toney, the potential victim of police abuse, had told him he knew that most lawyers charge 33% for contingent fees. King says that he informed Toney that NAACP (at least at the early stages) is not affiliated with lawyers or the practice of law in attempting to resolve a dispute. King claims that Toney, who appears with him in the "First Amendment Movie Trailer" at the website, offered to give the chapter 15% if he collected anything from the Demand/Letter, and King has circulated an email memorializing that offer to current Boston President mamby-pamby Alkins the day after he sent the Letter to Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn and to the Nashua Chapter where he volunteered.

Dunn himself has just finished a month-long suspension for which he was punished for something that King's lawyers are about to discover pursuant to State v. Laurie, 139 N.H. 325 (1995); Superior Court Rule 98.

"I've had it," said King. "The NAACP 'loved me and supported me' for being a 'go getter' until Chief Dunn heard that audiotape where Timmons mentions the fact that she had no idea why Dunn would have mentioned Willie Toney's prior arrest record to her -- because that wasn't germane to whether that brother's Civil Rights were violated on the night in question. I'll betcha' he put her ass in line after he heard that." And to top it off, I have substantial reason to believe that she f*ckin' lied about the presence of a lawsuit allegedly filed by Jaffrey PD against me to curry disfavor amongst the chapter; get me out the door. That's Defamation, too. I told Timmons a long time ago when she filed for that bullshit Restraining Order where I kicked her ass, that the only place I would 'go Medieval' on her was right here, so now that time has arrived."

*Rhetorically, of course. King was a rhetoric minor in Undergrad with Professor Steve Depoe, (PhD Northwestern) who wrote him a recommendation for Law School. This blawg entry will, however, be shot straight toward the courthouse door tomorrow, 9 January 2006 to set the record straight.

PS: As director of World Disaster Management, King hopes that Mr. Elisa can indeed help the Disaster that some factions of the NAACP have brought to the once-proud organization. He has written the NAACP and asked for comment -- since they liked to comment so vigorously at the press conference when they indicted him -- but no response. King is going for a bike ride to clear his head from their sellout bullshit.

PPS1: Timmons had the nerve to say in her Depo that "most [NAACP] people throw your stuff away." First, that's clearly not true. Only Civil Rights sellouts like her and Alkins do that. Second, if it were true, why is she so damn worried about it to try to get a damn injunction against it? And lose, indiscriminately wasting my time and money and mucho taxpayer dollars. What a jerk.

PPS2: I'm not finished yet when it comes to the fact that
Timmons lies about receiving emails and information from me: I've got a 15 Dec. '04 email between Nashua NAACP Sec'y Claire Holston and me where I clearly note that I had provided Nashua and Hudson Chamber of Commerce lists to Ol' Gloria. But yet again we see how she says I didn't do that -- but then I schooled her ass yet again:
18 Q. Exhibit-18, which I will warrant that
19 I just printed off at the library with Mr.
20 Wilson as my witness, to the extent that he
21 can be in this, and I'm going to cross
22 reference this to Plaintiff's Exhibit-8, which
23 was produced earlier. Now, let the record
24 reflect that 18 is -- how many pages is it?
25 Oh, may I have that back, please.

2 A. Sure.
3 (Document handed to counsel.)
5 Q. Thank you. Let the record reflect
6 that Exhibit-18 -- let the record reflect
7 that Exhibit-18 is eight pages long. The
8 front page is the same as the front page for
9 Exhibit-8, and it indicates that I have sent
10 an e-mail from -- Wednesday, December 1st
11 from chrystobal39 to lgydt@aol.com.
12 A. Excuse me. I don't know who
13 chrystobal39 happens to be.
14 Q. Right before chrystobal39 does it
15 indicate an -- a name?
16 A. Okay.
17 Q. It says, Chris King, correct?
18 A. Mm-hmm.
3 Q. Mm-hmm. Okay. Now, Ma'am, --
4 A. Yes.
5 Q. -- in addition to the first two
6 pages of this exhibit --
7 A. Mm-hmm.
8 Q. Okay. There are six new pages as
9 compared to --
10 MR. BAUER: Yeah. There are six
11 new pages as compared to what I showed you
12 in Exhibit-8.
13 A. Mm-hmm.
14 Q. Can you identify what those six new
15 pages are?
16 A. They appear to be chamber -- the
17 Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce membership
18 list.
19 Q. Okay. And can you think of any
20 reason why you would not have not received
21 this e-mail, Ma'am?
22 A. I didn't get this e-mail. I don't
23 know why. I just didn't get it.

Now look what I f*cking told Claire on the 15th, precisely two (2) weeks after that email in this email response. Will scan whole email Monday morning for you haters (and supporters).
No wonder they 'loved and supported' me until Marty cracked that whip 'cross them niggas' backs 'cos he heard Timmons tell Toney on that CD 'I have no idea why Chief Dunn would tell me about your arrest record because if your Civil Rights were violated it ain't got nothing to do with that'(almost verbatim).
I gave the lists to Gloria a while back:
1. Nashua is hard copy.

2. Hudson is an email.

Or vice versa =^.)

And I think we have an intern. More on this tomorrow.


cholston@verizon.net wrote:
Hi Chris,

A personal request to you. Would you be able to share that list of business names with me? My purpose is really to get an idea of who is in the area (for job search purposes). If you made an agreement not to share - that's fine too.

And note how this is related to job search purposes? Well I had already told NH State Supervisor Sylvia Gale, with whom I was networking with NAACP on jobs-related issues, that I was not a licensed attorney, as I had told Defendant Timmons at her job at the Department of Employment Security when I sought employment through her. I've got a motion to compel on that issue because Timmons doesn't want to talk about those meeting too much, where we also discussed her race-based litigation with her employer.

Anyway, here is part of what I wrote to Nashua NAACP on 22 Nov. 2004, freely bringing them together with Ms. Gale, whom I was informing about my unlicensed status:
Contact Sylvia E. Gale, District office supervisor
1.800.852.0632 x560 or 603.883.7726 x560
fax 603.889.9639 email: sgale@dhhs.state.nh.us

Both of these women are genuine and inspiring, so let's try to get some of our people to report for these positions ASAP.
So how can they say with a straight face that I was trying to hide my unlicensed status: WTF is going on here?

And read closely, above: Isn't this then an example of Claire then using NAACP for her "personal reasons?"

No way does Judge Hicks throw this one out. And I will roast Timmons, Holston and anybody else who gets in my way like a Rotisserie Hog in my Civil and UPL cases; let my laywers do it for me in the criminal. I'm not f*cked. They are f*cked.

Note: To the extent that the Yarbrough Press release indicates I was legal redress chair as of 26 March it appears Mr. Yarbrough may have sent an older version to press but I am not certain which version he actually ended up sending as he was not an agent under my exclusive control and dominion.

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