14 January 2006

King finds his smoking gun: Charlie Bauer knew about Volinsky, too; withheld evidence.

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I'll make the intro. short:
Not only did Defendant Chief Dunn's suspension attorney have First Hand knowledge that I came to him for help as an unlicensed attorney, so too did Dunn's Civil Defense attorney Bauer, whom I have repeatedly -and properly- accused of material misstatements about that quantity and nature of emails between us on this blawg and on several others. Therefore we have established that Chief Dunn had to have actual knowledge of this highly exculpatory evidence yet failed to produce it, in violation of McMillan v. Johnson, 88F.3d 1554, C.A. 11 (ala.), July 9, 1996 and the First Amendment retaliation conspiracy case similar to my Civil suit against Dunn and local NAACP chiefs Moreno v. Town of Cicero, Unrep. F.Supp.2d 2002 WL #31017932, N.D. Ill., 2002.

I met a guy today driving a pickup truck with a "question authority" sticker on it at the local Starbucks. I'm blaring Talking Heads, "Don't worry about the government." He looks through the sunroof, smiles. I gave him my card. He smiles again, and nods.

I don't work at Starbucks; I work at a tripped-out tea room full of gallery art and home furnishings. And in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, the owners and co-workers are Caucasian. Some have Ohio and New Hampshire ties, ironically -- or perhaps, not. Then when I go to my second job, the wait staff is populated by Jamaicans, Haitians, Brazilians, Columbians, Puerto Ricans, Caucasians, American Blacks.

A patron last night there with sister and her high-school daughter asked me about my license and I said, as I always say, "I got in trouble for pissing off the government, so now I make movies about it."

"Good," she and her friends said. "Don't stop."

And what do they have in common with that man in the pickem' up truck?

They all support me. After today, even more so. And what a certain well-respected Black lawyer in Columbus said about me, with reverence as noted above on my masthead, "He'll sue you in a minute.... and rip your heart out," is absolutely true. But only if you deserve it.

I sincerely believe that Judge Hicks, whose wife has stated that he "always wanted to be in a position where he could make substantive social change," agrees -- as painful as it may be to recognize the dirt and lies that have been spun in this case by Defendants, as you can watch me say in the arraignment day video.

And he has been noted as a man of compassion: "Watching the compassion he had for other people was refreshing," (Judical commission panelist Phil) Waystack said. He also [called] Hicks an "embodiment of the notion that lawyers can be adversaries without being enemies."

The documents in this case will show, as they do today, that I've tried that. They in turn have told lies and refused to even shake my hand. They are no different than that Columbus, Ohio prosecutor who refused to shake my hand when I schooled him in that Jerry Doyle First Amendment criminal trespassing case you can see in my "Background" movie.

Note: The other prosecutor in that movie was really cool; she shook my hand and had beers with me on several occasions. You don't have to be a prick and a liar. I'm not.
So here's the Good Part, a foreshadowing of sorts.

17 MR. BAUER: Before we leave 31, what
18 is this proof?
19 MR. KING: You can ask me that
20 later at my deposition.
21 MR. BAUER: I'm asking you now.
22 MR. KING: I'm not going to tell
23 you now. It's my deposition of Miss
24 Timmons. You'll have your turn.
25 MR. BAUER: I may not use my turn.

2 MR. KING: That's up to you, but
3 I'm not giving it to you now.
4 MR. BAUER: Okay. I just thought
5 you might want to clarify the record.
6 MR. KING: Nope. Probably some of
7 those e-mails that she destroyed that we
8 talked about earlier that she should have
9 kept. Did you get that?
10 (Whereupon Timmons Exhibit-32 was
11 marked for identification.)
I have to wonder if Charlie Bauer still wants the Court to read this blawg, as he requested in open court some time ago.
They should have anticipated this: I told them I was in a sporting mood yesterday.

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