26 January 2006

Jaffrey niggardly with Dunn's personnel file; King makes a new movie.

1. Prosecutor Albrecht today notified the Court and my attorneys that the town of Jaffrey has (still) not forwarded the Chief's funky personnel file for review, as required by State v. Laurie, 139 N.H. 325 (1995) and Superior Court Rule 98. Local citizens are pissed off; I know because I also talked to some of them yesterday (one of whom is a reporter) while I enjoyed some filming in what is otherwise a beautiful part of the country.

Mind you, this is the third (3rd) time they have been niggardly:

2. In a 9 August 2005 letter that I will scan later, I noted to Attorney Broth at Devine Millimet, (who jetted from this case shortly thereafter) that their Rule 98 discovery responses to me were "materially incomplete" at pp. 186-187 because they failed to include this Legal Updates page from me, clearly noting the $65K Demand Letter issue that I described on 3 January and sent out on 4 January, 2005 without any protest from NAACP Executive Committe members, despite Defendant Timmons best attempts to claim otherwise (emphasis in original).

3. And of course they tried to pull that sh*t on me where I caught them hiding information, also in violation of Rule 98 in a secret file at Chief Dunn's feet during his deposition, where he said this blawg was "despicable." My attorneys mentioned that to the Court and Prosecutor Albrecht yesterday.

You better get your ass up early in the morning, you want to catch me.

And lying won't help you.

The new short film "Oreo" will likely be a 30-second montage of salient courtroom statements that will conclusively demonstrate that the system is designed to attack those who attempt to use media to sound and to project their voices.

PS: I just filed a Motion to find Attorney Bauer sanctioned for Perjury and Fraud Upon the Court pursuant to cases such as In re Feld's Case 149 N.H. 19, 815 A.2d 38, N.H.,2002 (scroll down to "Discovery, Issues Related to). I'll show you that filing tomorrow. Ha! I wonder if Bauer still wants the Court to "read his blawg, Your Honor."

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