16 January 2006

Happy Birthday Martin.

Dear Martin: You know, New Hampshire was the last State in the Union to acknowledge you. Perhaps that explains why NAACP Nashua heads Gloria Timmons and Melanie Levesque ran scared and threw me under the bus in Jaffrey: They didn't want to get lynched either so they figured they would just offer me up, instead, in violation of your spirit.

Constance Baker Motley (R.I.P.) who would no doubt find Timmons and Levesque's actions deplorable. She says, "when I went to law school no one had heard of Civil Rights." Yeah, I know the feeling.

But still I press on, in the face of outright governmental lies calculated to imprison me, as you faced, while I maintain relationships with people from all racial and ethnic and national backgrounds. I know that's what you and the post-Mecca Malcolm would want, even though much of the current NAACP has lost its way.

No Justice, No Peace.

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