31 January 2006

Goodnight, Mrs. King.

We will miss you as we continue to discover that true racial, ethnic and socio-economic progress in this country may still occur if we each individually strive for it in our daily affairs.

People for the American Way note that
"It only adds to the tragedy that Mrs. King’s death—and that of Rosa Parks just a few months ago—comes as so many of our nation’s leaders are turning their backs on the principles to which King and Parks dedicated their lives."
Today we've got people like Boston NAACP President Lenny Alkins tossing emails about important Civil Rights matters, and Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons lying about me and getting in bed with a police force and government that are untrusted even by the predominately white people they "serve." Coretta Scott-King would agree that this is definitely to the detriment of social progress, as Rosa Parks and my Great-Great Aunt Mother Ann discussed in this post.
I am 100% certain that Civil Rights leaders like Columbus, Ohio's Bill Moss and Loretta Heard would agree with me.

Meanwhile, more news hot off the presses from one of my Jaffrey/Cheshire sources:

Watch the movies; I've got a new one, "Oreo," coming soon.
We must remain vigilant, even if it drives us crazy at times. So crazy, all I can see is red:

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