05 January 2006

Do the Right Thing.

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We have seen where I contacted Chief Dunn's suspension lawyer Andru Volinsky and other lawyers to get licensed counsel, proving I did not hide my licensure status. We have seen Counsel for Defendant Dunn lie to the Court about material emails that document such endeavors. And now we see where Defendant Levesque's own sister spilled the beans about another act of Defamation coming from Timmons, i.e. "Jaffrey filed a suit against the NAACP because of your actions." I may be incorrect and if so I apologize, but I believe my search was reasonably diligent to ferret out the possibility of any such claim being true. I turned up nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch.
What's it gonna take for these haters to see reason and to stop trying to destroy my life?

No Justice, No Peace.

PS: Why you ain't got no brotha's up on the wall, man?

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