31 January 2006

NGPDJ -- Boston's Best DJ's support King.

They would be the odds-on favorite to do the soundtrack for the feature-length film. Check out their blog page honoring Coretta Scott King linked with mine! Then check out one of their homegirls gettin' silly on the Conan O'Brien show! Eliza is one funny lady that's for certain. A trifle shy though, right? Yeah, and that desk in front of Conan wasn't the only wooden thing in that studio, huh?

Anyway, my Jewish/brothers (and even a Presbyterian Minister) always come through for me. More than the NAACP, totally.

Dedham Dominatrix cleared of murder.

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Okay, this has nothing to do with my blawg but it's a wild story; the guy prolly died when he looked up and saw the grille on that bird. Besides, sports and motorcycles and cars don't pertain directly to what I normally discuss, but whatever. For all we know from the Town of Jaffrey, Chief Dunn could have been involved. Wasn't this an episode of Boston Legal, anyway?

Freaks. I wouldn't be caught dead in a place like that =^.)

Actually a friend of mine owned a dungeon in Columbus though.

Goodnight, Mrs. King.

We will miss you as we continue to discover that true racial, ethnic and socio-economic progress in this country may still occur if we each individually strive for it in our daily affairs.

People for the American Way note that
"It only adds to the tragedy that Mrs. King’s death—and that of Rosa Parks just a few months ago—comes as so many of our nation’s leaders are turning their backs on the principles to which King and Parks dedicated their lives."
Today we've got people like Boston NAACP President Lenny Alkins tossing emails about important Civil Rights matters, and Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons lying about me and getting in bed with a police force and government that are untrusted even by the predominately white people they "serve." Coretta Scott-King would agree that this is definitely to the detriment of social progress, as Rosa Parks and my Great-Great Aunt Mother Ann discussed in this post.
I am 100% certain that Civil Rights leaders like Columbus, Ohio's Bill Moss and Loretta Heard would agree with me.

Meanwhile, more news hot off the presses from one of my Jaffrey/Cheshire sources:

Watch the movies; I've got a new one, "Oreo," coming soon.
We must remain vigilant, even if it drives us crazy at times. So crazy, all I can see is red:

30 January 2006

Lunch with Lucy.

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What a fabulous lunch I had today with Greenwich Art Council President Lucy Hedrick. I met her at one of my jobs recently, and she is everything I imagined her to be: Honest, vibrant personality, and deeply committed to the Arts and to the First Amendment. You will not hear any more about that conversation or any of our subsequent conversations, but you will soon see the results.

Then on the way home, saw a damn SAAB 900 Turbo Convertible in motion, top down. One like I used to/have until the rigors of this bullsh*t prosecution caused me to miss a shift and destroy it, as noted in this open letter to the Hyatt, where I received commendation for "Exceptional Customer Service." It's okay. I'm not overly materialistic, just love old funky foreign cars. I'll get another one. And I'll drive it wherever the hell I want to drive it, as a free man.

29 January 2006

Rappin' with some cool white boys.

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People on the street; they are tired of the bullshit. They want to see a movie.

Blawg Yahtzee: My views on race.

King accepts Nobel Peace Prize for making a difference.*

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Nashua, NH
February, 2006
Re: Black History Month
For Immediate Release:

Embattled and indicted Civil Rights "gadfly"-film maker, activist and former Ohio Assistant Attorney General Christopher King's team is pleased to announce that in receiving a certificate of appreciation for "exceptional service" for his tableside discussion and service, he has broken bread with leaders of Bartlett Tree Company, leaders of an industry recently found liable for "slavery and moral depravity" in New Hampshire as seen in this 1 Oct. 2005 post, and as further referenced by this 13 Jan. 2006 post regarding the NH genesis of IMF Developing Country Policy for mud peoples.

Says King,
"I always try to look for the better part of mankind to exalt over all else..... and besides, I would like to believe that the officials of the Bartlett Company from the UK had no actual or constructive knowledge of the slavery being frought by other tree companies. And even if they did know, who am I to condemn them as white men in the same industry, rather than to engage them in conversation and to serve them humbly, but with pride and dignity?"
As usual, King, who studied rhetoric as an Undergrad and who worked as editor and reporter at a weekly and daily newspaper, had his dig about the current media:
"You won't find that slavery story anywhere on the Internet's Union Leader files because of the way it was or was not cached, yet it is an extremely important story and I'll never forget the day I heard of it. The major media stuffed it under a rock, and I had to retrieve it from the Nashua Library database. Major media sucks most of the time, and you can see that here, and see how they and the NAACP failed to debate me in an open forum here."
It's crazy.... people give him awards and accolades one day, then the next they try to throw him in jail, just like his namesake. See it all in the upcoming feature length presentation.

PS: Here is the real speech, delivered of course by the late Dr. Martin Luther King in Oslo, Norway just 5 months before my birth. Notice what I say at the bottom of this post, then compare what Dr. King said about the little people, i.e.
"Most of these people will never make the headlines and their names will not appear in Who's Who. Yet when years have rolled past and when the blazing light of truth is focused on this marvelous age in which we live -- men and women will know and children will be taught that we have a finer land, a better people, a more noble civilization -- because these humble children of God were willing to suffer for righteousness' sake."
Blawg Yahtzee: News of the weird.......

*Parody, as far as the Nobel part: This is a Nobel Peace Prize for Ordinary Folk, a new pilot program: In this program, regional nominations are taken to reward the ordinary schmoe or taxpayer who puts his or her neck on the line to help other ordinary people you don't see at red carpet gala celebrations.

26 January 2006

King files Perjury/Fraud vs. Bauer.

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Well folks it's in plain text; scanner is busted. But that's okay, so too is Chief Dunn's lawyer Charlie Bauer:
When I started this case several lawyers warned me about him. So I took their advice, waited in the cutty and built my case on him and Chief Dunn for lying to the Court. Now I got the drop on the both of them haters and I'm bringing it to collegiate classrooms in Connecticut and beyond:

CASE NO. 05-CV-217


Now comes Plaintiff to issue this Memorandum, to note that Counsel for Defendant Dunn has issued materially false statements to this Honorable Court in successfully dodging a subpoena for all the emails between Plaintiff and him, bellowing in Open Court, regarding a handful of non-substantive ‘Mickey-Mouse’ emails:
“That’s the Universe, Your Honor.”

But he was lying, and even a cursory look through his Microsoft Outlook program would have told him that; and he knew that. He had a duty to check his Outlook program before making that affirmative misrepresentation to the Court, which he still has not retracted. This is particularly troubling because of the number of times that Attorney Bauer has accused Plaintiff of manufacturing and/or manipulating documents, as Plaintiff has noted in the Court file and herein again in his substantive affidavit at Attachment 1a/1b [final copy is notarized and contains reference to the fact that Bauer has actually had the nerve to accuse me of falsifying evidence.]

And this is nothing new from Bauer or Dunn. See the hijinx they played at Chief Dunn’s Deposition as reflected in the lunchtime blawg entry “Depo Update: They are violating Rule 98,” as well as a letter written to Attorney Mark Broth [similar to this one], noting that the Chief had failed to produce the last page of the legal updates that Plaintiff had provided to the NAACP the first week of January, which should have been page 187. Attachments 2, 3, and 4.

See what happens to attorneys who lie, in In re Feld's Case 149 N.H. 19, 815 A.2d 383, N.H.,2002., and generally State v. Atkins, September 28, 2000 Rockingham #96-175 (2000).


Enough is enough. This court has witnessed a series of lies and deceptions set forth by Defendant Dunn and his Attorney Charlie Bauer that must be immediately addressed, and addressed firmly. Attorney Bauer and Defendant Dunn have besmirched the legal community with their systematic patterns of morally and legally aberrant behavior. A copy of this pleading will be forwarded to any and all applicable regulatory agencies.

Plaintiff pro se

PS: The resemblance between this case and Feld, supra, at 23, 387 is uncanny: They are both from New Hampshire. They both involve Plaintiffs with reasonable discovery requests, and a Defense attorney who either lied about receipt of, or failed to provide accurate information that they held in their possession and control. And in both circumstances, the falsity was material to the case at bar. What makes this case even more egregious, however, is the continued and several nature of the transgressions. Moreoever, the New Hampshire Supreme Court noted in a passage that is clearly uber dicta, that "In Kalil's Case, 146 NH 466, 773 A.2d 647 (2001) for example, we sanctioned a lawyer for lying to a court, even though his misstatement was corrected almost immediately, and did not concern the material facts or issues of the litigation."(emphasis added).

In fact, the Court referenced Kalil on another occasion, in O'Meara's Case, No. LD-2002-004:
As an initial matter, we note that "no single transgression reflects more negatively on the legal profession than a lie." Kalil’s Case, 146 N.H. 466, 467 (2001) (quotation omitted). Thus, we have ordered disbarment for attorney misconduct involving dishonesty."
I couldn't have said it any better. How I wound up working for high-class restaurants in undergrad/law school, then eating at them for the next 15 years, then working at them again, is fascinating to many. And it happened because I had the balls to go after lying-assed attorneys like Charlie Bauer and the corrupt judges who hid their deceitful ways. As one very chill customer at job #2 noted last night, "The Lord knows when people aren't doing right, and I would never wish anything bad upon the Chief, but they will have to answer for what they did," to which I stated, "I'm more Zen-Buddhist, but it's All Good. Just stay true to your core, maintain your integrity and it will all come out in the wash."

Jaffrey niggardly with Dunn's personnel file; King makes a new movie.

1. Prosecutor Albrecht today notified the Court and my attorneys that the town of Jaffrey has (still) not forwarded the Chief's funky personnel file for review, as required by State v. Laurie, 139 N.H. 325 (1995) and Superior Court Rule 98. Local citizens are pissed off; I know because I also talked to some of them yesterday (one of whom is a reporter) while I enjoyed some filming in what is otherwise a beautiful part of the country.

Mind you, this is the third (3rd) time they have been niggardly:

2. In a 9 August 2005 letter that I will scan later, I noted to Attorney Broth at Devine Millimet, (who jetted from this case shortly thereafter) that their Rule 98 discovery responses to me were "materially incomplete" at pp. 186-187 because they failed to include this Legal Updates page from me, clearly noting the $65K Demand Letter issue that I described on 3 January and sent out on 4 January, 2005 without any protest from NAACP Executive Committe members, despite Defendant Timmons best attempts to claim otherwise (emphasis in original).

3. And of course they tried to pull that sh*t on me where I caught them hiding information, also in violation of Rule 98 in a secret file at Chief Dunn's feet during his deposition, where he said this blawg was "despicable." My attorneys mentioned that to the Court and Prosecutor Albrecht yesterday.

You better get your ass up early in the morning, you want to catch me.

And lying won't help you.

The new short film "Oreo" will likely be a 30-second montage of salient courtroom statements that will conclusively demonstrate that the system is designed to attack those who attempt to use media to sound and to project their voices.

PS: I just filed a Motion to find Attorney Bauer sanctioned for Perjury and Fraud Upon the Court pursuant to cases such as In re Feld's Case 149 N.H. 19, 815 A.2d 38, N.H.,2002 (scroll down to "Discovery, Issues Related to). I'll show you that filing tomorrow. Ha! I wonder if Bauer still wants the Court to "read his blawg, Your Honor."

24 January 2006

Hey King, what's up with the 'N' word?

I'm certain many of my detractors and supporters wonder why from time to time I liberally paste that word in all of its iterations on this blawg. I'll tell you why: I'm waiting for some authority figure in New Hampshire to tell me they are concerned about it, when New Hampshire was the last godd*mn state in the Union to recognize the late Dr. Martin Luther King in the first place.

WPKN is watching, too.

No matter what happens in any of these pending cases, it is going to happen in a very public manner because I've got nothing to hide. But the New Hampshire media certainly hides from me.

And unlike the situation with the poseur media types in NH, my team can actually get on the air; get our voices heard loud and clear at WPKN. I used to get on the air loud and clear with veteran take-no-sh*t Columbus School Board member and former president Bill/Moss and former board member Loretta Heard (RIP to each of you) back in the Day; and boy did the burghers of Columbus hate that. But guess what? I got in-studio footage of that.

Real nigguh's caring about the racial, socio-economic and polictical environment, unlike the sally-assed nigguh's who run too much of today's NAACP.

King busts on Bauer at final pretrial.

With my final criminal pretrial coming tomorrow morning, I am preparing my affidavit documenting, Under Oath, the outright material lies that Charlie Bauer, Chief Dunn's defense atttorney in my civil Defamation, First Amendment Retaliation and Malicious Prosecution lawsuit against him has stated to future NH Supreme Court Justice Gary Hicks. I'll likely post it here later tonight, but I'm busy busting my ass at one of my two jobs; no time for poetry slams tonight.

Scalia's forehand & ethics suck.

Scalia's racial entitlement quote is scary. Now of course I am not currying any favor against someone who could stand in judgment of my Kelly Ayotte First Amendment case. But this is America dammit and I will speak my mind. Looking back on this 7 year-old post as to when silly-assed Kelly Ayotte had me under indictment that whole experience still blows my mind. What a complete waste of taxpayer monies, but she just had to try to put me down as NAACP Legal Chair. What she got was a can of ass-whup.

Too busy out busting tennis balls with his Federalist Society buddies to attend the Roberts confirmation? If a judge or justice that damn big can play these games, nobody should wonder that dishonest police, dishonest lawyers, hateful corporations like American Tower, and little judges in lower Federal or State posts could commit much larger ethical/breaches to put down an arrogant lil' nigger like me, foreseeably and proximately causing substantial grief that the World will see on the Big Screen. BTW the poster behind my head was the work of a local Columbus artist and it reads in full: "End Racism. It's a Personal Decision."

I watched the video, and take it from a guy with a somewhat problematic forehand himself Tony: Low-to-high and follow through:

23 January 2006

The Manhattan lawyers.

No more beatin' up on me. Just had a snack with a certain Manhattan attorney and his/her family, who will mos' def remain anonymous until further notice. They are activists; take no shit. People and institutions who have been hating on a bruvva' since I left the Attorney General's office back in '95, we're gonna bust you one right' cross your lip. You scare me every day when I think about what you could do to me, but at the End of the Day, we're not afraid of you and your b*llshit.

You took my license on trumped-up charges in Ohio, then American Tower tried to f*ck me as I helped nail them for $300K in an overtime "settlement" and now you use a Police Chief "disciplined" for a "pattern of inappropriate behavior" and "insubordination" to try to run me up for writing a Demand Letter and "threatening" to call a press conference about police abuse.

F*ck that noise. I come from good stock, keep it real.
So you f*ckin' with me, you f*ckin' with the best.

No Justice, No Peace.

A visit with Kelly Ayotte & opposing counsel.

Well sports fans with Wednesday's Final Pretrial in the Criminal case set to go off in Cheshire County Superior Court, I thought I would share my opinions about that ill-gotten unauthorized practice of law finding that Kelly Ayotte's office somehow obtained, and that Attorney Charlie Bauer faxed to Prosecutor Albrecht the day after it came down: It's all they've got left to taint me since they lost that ridiculous "stalking" restraining order attempt against my blawg and website, and the bail revocation attempt to lock my arrogant black ass up until trial also properly failed.
They don't like me too much, even though I was an Assistant Attorney General myself -- they ignore my valid complaints all the time!

If we go to trial they are going to have the face the music, and these are some heavy beats, no doubt. BTW, NGPDJ will be playing my videos all throughout Boston and beyond, soon. My Jewish bruvva's keepin' it real.

I'm talking and the World is watching.

Now I've got to keep from being fired from my jobs while I miss yet another day from work because of this abuse.

No Justice, No Peace.

21 January 2006

Poet slammed for Extortion.

One of my recent prose/rhetoric/short film presentations at Shacojazz Art Cafe apparently was caught on film, as I previously wrote about Connecticut Advocate photographer Paul Desmarais and his big honkin' Nikon (scroll down to Law and Argument II B.), showing how the NH Attorney General's office is a disingenuous, wholly derelict in its duties involving valid ethics complaints that I file, and how Gloria Timmons lied in her Deposition. I'm so busy I didn't even notice that the story ran 2 weeks ago, but some peeps in the community told me about it tonight. Community folk love me and love what I'm doing.

I just smile and love them right back even thought the establishment tries to slam me for extortion and a bullshit unauthorized practice of law claim for which one of their witnesses who didn't show up to court is about to receive a Defamation Complaint: She admitted to going to my website (as I instructed her when passing this card), but then claims that I actually represented to her that I was a licensed attorney when the focal point of the website is my suspension!! Just as with the emails that just shot Attorney Bauer and Chief Dunn right in the foot in several/occasions in my Civil Case against them, I know I've got printouts from my website at a time contemporaneous to our meeting that will clearly show that I was not hiding my license status. That's why I called this witness a jackass in the first place.

Me, an extortionist? Yeah, right. It's funny, but especially when juxtaposed with me serving tea and crumpets at work in next week's New York Times feature piece.

PS: Yeah I'm a bad M-F but this isn't really about me.
As I note in my movies, it's about Civil/Rights -- which Boston NAACP President Lenny Alkins and Nashua NAACP can't seem to recognize, even though former Boston NAACP president and members of Boston City Council and their staff can and do.
This is Shacojazz Art Cafe:

What people are saying about Christopher King and his movie.

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On the Plantation
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Rainbow Coalition.

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First of all, a moment of silence, please, for the people of Appalachia, working hard and dying hard in those coal mines every godd*mn year because of outright corporate greed and malfeasance; working hard to heat the homes of the rich. I got to know several people from Appalachia very well (lived with one fellow Mr. W and dated Ms. C, whose son is a Secret Serviceman) and even though they are definitely white they definitely agree with me that we all are just a bunch of niggers in the corporate eye.

Every day I meet people who want to see my feature length movie. Later on in this post (when I sign off from my 2nd job) I will add some quotes with hot links regarding what people have said about me, corporate and police abuse, and this movie project.

Now that I've been to his blog and watched (0 / 0)
some of the video tapes, I have to agree that this is a very interesting blog. It's also funny as hell. And Mr. King, Esq. is great to watch in action. Thanks for posting all this and I wish you luck on your case. But who is the guy that follows you around and videos everything? This really is such a perfect use of the new technology of video, internet, and broadband.
-Daily Kos.
Mr. King, lawyers like you drive other lawyers crazy. You're obsessive; you believe in truth and you aren't going to let the other side get away with anything. I mean this from the bottom of my heart -- I hope I never am forced to litigate against you (the greatest compliment I know).

Your Interrogatory responses (and your motion) is perhaps one of the funniest things I have ever read in my life. Its brilliant; its vicious; it appears also to be correct as a matter of law. While I wouldn't adopt your style -- I'm more blue blood and understated in my approach, what youy no doubt would call boring -- your case actually makes me smile every time I read it.
-Daily Kos.
Hey, there. Looks like you have your hands full.

Isn't it odd that you go into law school thinking that the system is part of the solution, when in fact it's part of the problem - a big part.

Best of luck to you. Keep up the good fight. And great video clip on the other site!
Lawyer grswave comment to this blawg entry.
I read your article. Awesome work. Keep up the fight, Christopher King.
NH Indy Media.
"That's the spirit! Keep on keepin' on dude. Winding people up is a skill; you use it particularly well.

And your filmmakers have to be seeing Oscar in their future. Pass the popcorn, no butter, I'm watching my weight!"
Daily Kos:
"We talk about fighting corrupt cops who spy on citizens and wonder how to fight them. Well, you're doing it and showing us how! Thank you. I recommended your diary and I hope others take the time to read it. Please, if you have the time, include some blockquoted passages from the relevant newspaper articles in the body of your diary."
Daily Kos.
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll keep checking yours. I'm still piecing your story together from your posts and site. Keep up the fight! I admire your courage.
"NAACP Image Awards are nice, but..." comment.
You pretty much summed up why I enjoy reading your posts:

What I have provided the World is a pretty-much unadulterated view into the mind and life (well I don't go into my love life here, something must be sacred) of a black guy under a felony extortion charge in one of the whitest states in the Union (in fact the last one to adopt the MLK Holiday), while fighting the country's oldest Civil Rights Organization -- the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. It's news of the weird, a twilight zone cinema verite and one wild ride.
NH Independent Media.
Wow, I knew nothing about this. thanks for leaving the links for me. i'm really impressed, you've got some brass cajones dude, more power to you!
"Look who I met today" comment.
"I answered your question before i thanked you...

I am a 60 year old white woman who grew up in the segregated south - and hated it!

The inequities are enormous - but it only takes one person at a time to make a difference. look at dr. king. look at gandhi. look at rosa parks. look in the mirror! You understand the truth of the power of one person - and for that, you are truly blessed! the "haters" don't get it and never will. they will never understand the satisfaction of having an 18 year old child of the ghetto come up and throw her arms around your neck and say through the tears "you changed my life!"

These experiences are worth more than all the money in the world, aren't they! you know the truth - it is beyond description if people don't try to find it!

Congrats and carry on! sir!!"
Daily Kos:
"I thank God for an attorney that won't turn you away 'cos you ain't got no money."
-client Jerry Doyle, in First Amendment Movie Trailer.
“[King] claims he’s been contacted by a “Hollywood producer” who wants to make a feature film about his life story. I don’t know about you, but if that movie gets made, I’ll definitely see it.”
-New Hampshire Union Leader Editorial, June 2005
"I saw a young man vigorously fighting for truth, justice and the so-called American Way."
-client Michael Isreal, 1997, who also sings negro spirituals about King, his talents and his spirit on "background" video.
“You obviously are a disturbed/ individual. Your fantasies about your past accomplishments and transgressions are remarkable…..This is a man who operates under intimidation and threats.”
-Jaffrey Police Chief Martin J. Dunn email from March, 2005 and Union Leader, July 2005
So your point is a far more powerful statement of history than empty boosterism. It is a more convincing argument that any strides we make in protecting civil rights for all are precious, sacred and worth preserving.
Daily Kos.
"King is a philosophical orator."
-Ohio Board of Grievances.
"READ THIS BLOG: I've been following Christoper King's saga since before he was an accused felon. Christopher King was indicted on what seems (to me, anyway) bogus charges. Rather than cowering in a hole, he is roaring like a lion - from his blog. You should be reading this."
-Mike from Crime & Federalism blog.
"You are an embarrassment to the practice of law...
you stupid motherfucker
-"Lando" from Daily Kos.
"When I said 'City Council' other attorneys were afraid to go against...go against the City [for fear of unlawful retribution]."
-client Jerry Doyle in "Background" video.
"The author of this diary seems like a fighter, I'll say that, and his video had pretty good production values. And if I understand him correctly, he's probably uncovered a corrupt establishment conspiracy -- i.e., the same set of lawyers and politicians work together to deligitimize someone who they view as a threat and/or an annoyance."-"cthulhu" from Daily Kos.
"Your story is really incredible and you are such a self-made success. Keep your chin up and know that there are many people like myself behind you. Take care of yourself and stay strong and focused."
-direct email summer, 2005.
The people have spoken: They want a movie. I'm going to give them what they want.

20 January 2006

New York Times & others I met today.

this is an audio post - click to play
The Times photographer (also a film maker) came to get production photos for the Drawing Room, one of the most capacetic tea rooms on the Planet, no doubt. Interior photos of the bistro will appear in the Sunday Times this or next week. The owners are so smart, so progressive and so prescient it is a pleasure to work for them. And their family found a special spot to park the bike!

While there, met a student at Manhattanville College, who read my materials and turned me on to the Hogarth Center for Social Action. Yep.

Then at work #2, waited on an individual largely responsible for raising consciousness and money in the fight for Justice for Michael Stewart, who was basically murdered by the NYC Transit police who prove that a few bad apples can ruin the public perception of the entire bushel. Through this individual I posthumously met Clayton Jones (RIP), a proud Civil Rights attorney who tried to make those murdering fascist pigs pay for what they did to Michael; the medical examiner lied about the manner and cause of death and was fired, prompting retaliation against other stand-up, militant attorneys as noted in both of the above pieces. I know a few things about bullshit prosecutions and that's why I put Columbus Bar Association bar counsel Bruce Campbell up front and center in my movie trailer and background videos. He's the white-haired bespectacled gentleman looking smug and relatively assured of the outcome of my disciplinary hearing because all that shit was fixed, anyway.

Then on the way home, met many patrons and Chilean-born Bernardo (who lost friends to U.S. Gov't/Pinochet hegemony and brutal rapes and murders, and whose voice you hear on this post), co-owner with his wife, Soledad Del Castillo Blanco of Bistro du Soleil, one of the most beautifully-decorated restaurant/art galleries in New England:

"You come in here, and no hate -- it is just people."
"Dig it. I make Civil Rights movies."
"You can't do that in this country anymore."

Clearly, it is my destiny then, to prove otherwise.

PS: Then the whole house listened to some reggae -- which, ironically -- or perhaps not, the Drawing Room owners have been tracking lately, too. Specifically, Toots and the Maytals, whom I've also been listening to -- and audioblawgging the past two days. Toots and Sly and Robbie are some true Reggae visionaries. Some say the song "Do the Reggay" that I played in this post urging the taxpayers of Jaffrey, NH and Cheshire County, NH to send the bill for my prosecution to Attorney Charlie Bauer for lying was in fact the inception for the term “reggae” itself.

PPS: Whew I almost forgot, all this tawk about work and stuff reminds me of that hateful diatribe in which Defendant Timmons engaged on two occasions, saying "you doesn't have a job," and "most people go to work, and they use a -- they have a productive life..." because if I had a job and stuff I wouldn't be able to do this blawg and blah, blah blah:

Well Gloria, I've got two jobs, work from 10a.m. to 11-12p.m and still haven't quit this blawg, still haven't quit the movie project, nor will I ever, at least not without a whole lot of money crossing my palm. This despite your First Amendment lawyers' best attempts to have me sanctioned for posting the Deposition Transcript information I am about to post again right here, showing your ignorance of just how indefatigable I am. In fact, I waited on some brown sistuh's from North Carolina and D.C., one of whom works in the same building as my cousin, and I dropped a 411 on you to them too, got them watching the movies. His mother appears in two of my online videos, actually.

But since you tried to get me to shut down my blawg by getting a Restraining Order against me, eventually getting that overturned on First Amendment grounds, as soon as the Court knew the true facts, you'll prolly keep on doing whatever you want to do to try to silence me.

And because you don't even know even know what a simile, metaphor or parody is (see the famous David Bowie post), your hateful attempts surprise me little. I told you yesterday I'm not going to be nice anymore, in the "Taxpayers' Send the Bill to Bauer" post, but you certainly have asked for it.

But my offer still stands for you to meet me for tea & crumpets, this time not at your Deposition, rather instead down at the Drawing Room. Bring your lawyers; we'll be more than happy to accommodate.

Until then, No Justice, No Peace, for you and your buddy Marty: