25 December 2005

Why was Boston NAACP Pres. Lenny Alkins deleting my emails?

See how nicely Lenny Drives the car for massuh'? Better stay between them white lines, my nigguh'.
Blawg Yahtzee: 13 Dec. '05.
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2 MR. BAUER: Objection to the form.
3 A. I'm going to tell you again. Lenny
4 told me he deleted everything you sent him.
5 I don't have a clue if you sent it to him,
6 I really don't. I can't answer that
7 question. He deleted anything with your name
8 on it, --
9 Q. Okay. Thank you.
10 A. -- as most people would.
11 Q. Move to strike as nonresponsive.
16 Q. Let the record reflect that I've
17 tendered a -- an e-mail, dated Sunday, 26
18 January from Nashua NAACP legal to
19 president.naacpbostonbranch@verizon.net and to
20 Attorney Wilson @law.com.
21 A. Mm-hmm.
22 Q. And.
23 MS. PROULX: I'm sorry. You said
24 January 26th. Did you mean December?
25 Q. Yes. Thank you. Subject forward

2 pending civil rights matter regarding Toney
3 versus City of Jaffrey.
4 A. Mm-hmm.
5 Q. Happy New Year, Gentlemen. I'm
6 hoping to make it a good one for Mr. Toney,
7 which in turn will result in a big boost for
8 the chapter. Do I indicate anywhere on this
9 e-mail that I was anticipating personally
10 receiving money for Mr. Toney?
11 A. This is 26th of December, right?
12 Q. Correct.
13 A. This letter was issued -- it went to
14 the Nashua legal, which we didn't get a
15 copy. It went to you. It went to
16 chrystobal, which is you, it went to the
17 president NAACP, who deleted all mail. The
18 only one who got that was you and Mr.
19 Wilson.
21 Q. Did Mr. Alkins ever tell you that I
22 had approached him for employment because I
23 was unlicensed?
24 A. Mr. Alkins told me buyer beware and
25 would not talk about you at all. You had

2 asked me a question, and I'm explaining it
3 to you. Mr. Alkins, he told me he deleted
4 anything that come from you because you were
5 bombarding him with e-mails. He didn't have
6 time. Secondly, he told me buyer beware, so
7 to speak, and I told you that before. And
8 that's a -- 189
9 Q. Okay.

Query, why the hell was Lenny deleting my emails? He had recommended/me to the Nashua Chapter..... Anyway, the nice white man (Corey Surett) over at the DOL returned my calls and we made something happen over at American Tower.
"No time" to read about racial discrimination? See blawg yahtzee, supra.

PS: No offense, Morgan. You were just playing a role.
But this is how Lenny lives his NAACP life, like a scared bug-eyed negro of the Reconstruction Era:
Lenny, did American Tower buy you out because Joanne Treshel, Esq., my first boss, told me as you can see in the video "American Tower #1" that they were at one point actually scared of you sellouts. What, you done went and got yourself a new E-Class Benzo out there in the driveway, nigguh'?

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