17 December 2005

The truth about King in Columbus.

Columbus Black Historian and videographer James Whitaker (OSU Black Studies '75) comments on time spent on his own volition documenting King and his clients in the mid-to-late 1990's:
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Recommended reading: Doyle v. City Hall & Doyle v. Columbus School Board & 13 Oct. '05 blawg entry "Back in the Day." Also try "King is Ethical."
Recommended viewing: "Background" and "A Day in Nashua," both here.
The truth is I got reamed because I represented some unpopular clients -- the kind of people the First Amendment is supposed to protect. Regarding funding for the KKK protection, Jerry Doyle asked City Council how they would like to be called a "bunch of niggers," similar to how Mr. Rosenfeld in a Supreme Court case called council "M-Fuckers" 4 times. The city council meeting continued and finished regularly. Rosenfeld's speech was held lawful but Columbus City council barred Doyle for 11 months until I sued. You can see him in the "background" video say that "other lawyers were afraid to go against the city -- city council" for fear of having their career sidetracked, derailed.

Here is one of taxpayer and citizen Jerry L. Doyle's newsletters with the text of my Motion for Preliminary Injunction -- which of course was denied, but majestically they let that nigger speak the next time he came to the podium -- after an 11 month refusal -- so I still call it a victory. Judge Smith, former city prosecutor, held that Council could restrict Doyle from speaking about the same topics in the off-agenda session, although obviously they stopped actually doing that. That ruling should send shivers down (and up) the spine of anyone concerned about the First Amendment. See Rosenfeld v. NJ, 408 U.S. 901 (1971).

Here's another one with a bunch of cops threatening to arrest us. I might have shot that photo but can't find it. It might also be in the Columbus Dispatch. I was right next to their photographer. Who knew in 1997 that we would be able to share this with thousands.... millions of people?

Viva technology: We've got more coming.
Repeat: "penny press meets blawgosphere!"

-Your humble narrator.

PS:Doyle's testimony in the 2004 Columbus voting irregularities.


Anonymous said...

How is it that you can insinuate racism in actions of anyone who some how disagrees with you or chooses to think you are charlatan? Can not others judge you by the meaning of your words without somehow being deemed to be persecuting you because you speak?

I have gone through your site to understand the 1st Amendment implications of it all, and I see some legitimacy to your points about the state trying to stop you from blogging the details of the case. But what I am most struck by is how juvenile and "high school" mean this blog is, and how you swing from share cropper English to highly affected yuppie talk. Voluminous language, characterized by a number of misused hundred dollar words, and name dropping that diminished the people who are real. You are a waiter at a "high-end" restaurant, like there is some sort of class implication, you are better than other waiters. Please.

So I looked up this guy, Mr. Doyle. He defines phyrric victory. He just wants to have the right to shout and holler, with little records that the substance of his shouting and hollering has ever been persuasive. Like the old people who go to town meetings because they have nothing better to do


You are a whacko. Keep blogging!

Christopher King said...

First of all, you had better read my views on race:


Second, if you can't see how the First Amendment is implicated when an identical Extortion Statute in Arizona was declared unconstitutional I can't really take you seriously.

Further, you probably should consider your source on Jerry Doyle. And even if he did not have a legitimate beef -- which he did, because the Supreme Court of this here United States had just issued a decision on this matter -- you seem to miss the whole point, which is that once his rights are taken away, ours are next.

Please address the law I cited in the 17 Dec. blawg post (Rosenfeld) as it pertains to Mr. Doyle or step off with your dismissive attitude. Once you address it, we can talk as adults.

So I am "high school" mean while Chief Dunn and Attorney Bauer can think a hate mail letter talking about me getting my ass reamed in prison is funny? Please.

And even if I were a "whacko" would that make it all right for the State to come at me with tainted evidence in violation of the BER? Stick to the substance, please. Of which there is plenty that you choose not to address, or are incapable of so doing.

And if you look further, I have publicly shown and stated through my cases, some of which were on behalf of white people (i.e. Lemaster v. Bank One and Hamm v. City of Gahanna) --- the Hamms have agreed to appear in a video/movie on my behalf.



And I've gone on record about my feelings about race not only as noted above, but hereinbelow as well:


Try again.

PS: High-end restaurant only because people like you call me lowbrow. This blawg clearly walks the ladder of abstraction. Or is that too big a word or concept for your palate?

Name-dropping? Royko's office called me, bukko. Not the other way around.

No Justice, No Peace.

PS: Marty, is that you? I come out in public. Why hide behind anonymity. I can't get you indicted for what you say, right?

PPS: Swinging from sharecropper English to highly affected yuppie talk befits my family's and my experiences in this Wonderful Land of the "Free."

Email me for a beer and a game of pool or something.


Christopher King said...

Forgot to ask you:

Is it that you do not see a possible nexus between my sending that email on 18 & 20 June warning NAACP and Jaffrey about this blawg and that special hand delivery from Timmons to Chief Dunn on the 20th?

And is is that you do not somehow see a nexus between what Mike Royko (who again was idolized by Wilbon and me) did for a living and the First Amendment???


And for the coup de gras, how can you possibly say I view everything as racial if you have read this post which specifically notes otherwise:


Read up, holler back.


Christopher King said...

Wow, what a great exercise this is in refining my arguments:

Reading your second sentence I bring you right back to "six pages of hell" in the post below and note that it would have been "fine" if the wimpy NAACP had declined to take action on an issue that was filed on behalf of half a dozen people of colour -- but what was not "fine" was receiving no response at all.

Heck, I didn't write the court ORDERS that American Tower violated so don't blame me for being upset that they got away with it -- with the help of the NAACP, of course, tacitly approving all of it.

If you are a man or woman in charge of an "organization" like the NAACP, speak up or endure the ridicule that you deserve.


Christopher King said...

Yet there is more to anonymous:

Jerry Doyle set up pickets at Oakfield Nursing Home, where elder abuse was rampant, at least according to several people I interviewed, some of whom didn't even like Mr. Doyle personally.

The timeline of them firing him and his protests definitely set up a good whistleblower/protected activity claim but Judge Sheward, the one you can hear bellowing at me "move on and move on now," in "Background" movie, threw it out so the Jury couldn't even deliberate. The situations did eventually improve out there.

At trial and in the case, former State Senator John Bowen didn't even prepare a goddamn pretrial statement and came to court borrowing some of my goddamn exhibits. Prior to that I had no ill will toward attorney Bowen, in fact I had played tennis next to him on several occasions. But I guess you don't need a pretrial statement or any exhibits when you know the Judge is gonna' throw the case out anyway, do you?

I think you should consider people like Mr. Doyle when you decide what to do with your parents. Thank him for his efforts.

Read up, holler back.

Christopher King said...

Yeah, this is fast becoming a favorite post I can point friends and haters to.

Time for the media component:

I'm glad you can see "some legitimacy" about the state trying to stop me from blogging, so let's work on the common ground then, shall we:

First watch "A Day in Nashua" and watch us get shut out of Court despite the fact that we clearly had a legitimate purpose for the request:


......even though courts have ruled that the purpose for a request is IRRELEVANT, as noted in this 8 Dec. blawg where I quote First Amendment lawyer Jonathan Kaney, "There is no privacy in a public courtroom."


Second, read the history of how the State started this whole affair, very publicly, calling a press conference and then WMUR, who is represented by the NAACP attorneys, boosted Studio DHARMA's copyrighted materials and set it on TV and on a website reaching millions, instantly -- using unsworn statements.


Then they try to shut me down, and WMUR runs only a perp walk. That's heinous, my Brother/Sister. Let it happen to you and see my point.

I am going to formally challenge them, via phone and email, to that debate/discussion I referenced here:


And take this, while we're at it:


And take this, with a supportive comment from Jerry, an NAACP minister of information, who told me to start audio blawgging in the first place:


And you can readily see how the media can distort; we need more coverage from diverse sources, not less:


Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer. That's why I want to party with WMUR.

Read up, holler back.

Anonymous said...

Wow, hit a nerve. Love winding you up. Whacko.

Christopher King said...

Therein now you see the beauty of the First Amendment, whether we agree or not.

Now how about those beers ;-)


Christopher King said...

I see the antagonist has come and gone without any substantive dialogue -- at least from their side of things....

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