25 December 2005

Tennis Heirarchy

Okay, Terry Overbey used to whip us blindfolded with a cigarette in his mouth in high school. Note: I mean a lit, burning cigarette he was actually smoking. Okay, so he wasn't actually blindfolded but he probably could have done that, too.

So he recently gets beat 4 & 2 by a dude Manuel Ortiz who gets beat at another tournament 2 & 3 by eventual National 40's winner Peter Smith. Federer? Fuggitaboutit. BTW you tuff-guyz out there actually think you can beat the Williams sisters? Unless you're top level college, you... won't.

When I was on my best game it took everything to stay on the court with Georgia Dog standout Jane Cohodes, and the Williams sisters would in turn wipe up the court with her.

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