23 December 2005

Should Marty walk for 1st Amendment Retaliation against me?

First off, please watch the movies; they are entertaining -- even funny in part but never forget that these are very serious First Amendment issues and we need help financing this venture to a much higher level.

I don't think so. Read the 2nd paragraph of this 18 Nov. '05 entry, for one thing. The guy clearly lied about the research I conducted before I sent the Demand Letter. Then there's Verbeek v. Teller, 158 F.Supp.2d 267 E.D.N.Y.,2001, holding that police chiefs can't just make up stuff and get people indicted 'cos you don't like what they're saying. The Arizona Supreme Court agreed; struck down a statute identical to the one that he and Attorney Albrecht got me strung-out under.

And then don't forget that NAACP Nashua Prez. (co-Defendant Timmons) came running out to his assistance with this hand-delivered note on 20 June '05, later that same day that I sent a gaggle of Jaffrey lawyers this 20 June '05 email announing my critical 18 June '05 blawg entry "why the NAACP is a sellout organization," because of how they got in bed with Jaffrey PD. The case had been sitting around for several months since Chief Dunn had announced he was "going to the Grand Jury" so why then, the immediate rush one must wonder. Or was Timmons just late or negligent in doing whatever she was supposed to be doing, as usual? Specifically, a JURY must deliberate on that question.

I wonder if Defense Attorney Bauer still wants the Court to read this blawg?

For more germane info. from Gloria's Deposition Testimony that shows her lying:
12 Nov. Post.
13 Nov. Post.
More coming soon.

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