03 December 2005

Shock and Awe: A new movie.

See, this is how much Uncle Joe respected me:
He was the first person before my mother even -- to call me from the barracks when CNN covered the ridiculous 8-Ball Tattoo case when my client was compelled to give a tattoo to a HIV/AIDS-afflicated individual. BTW for the past 3-4 months they won't give us a copy of that video, despite at least 7-8 emails.

Mike Royko, another idol of mine in which my cousin Mike Wilbon concurs, wrote a coupla' stories about those cases 1 Aug 2005 blawg and then the law in Ohio actually was changed like a year later to what we had requested from jump street:
A physician's approval.

My client actually was an AIDS activist but The State had to set an example on his ass so instead of convening a panel at our request, they screwed us, lied in the Final Order before the Civil Rights Commission and ignored a valid First Amendment argument not to be compelled to paint a bad canvas, regardless of causation. Goes like this: "I went to Maico your Honor, to make them paint my Jetta.... it's got some structural issues, now though, and they said no way. So I want to sue them because I'm Black and it's like, racial, you know whadda' mean?.... Can I get some skin, Bruvva?" "Mr. King get the hell outta' my court." "Thank you, your Honor, you are 100% correct."

But scroll all the way down on this piece and see how the media reported, or failed to report that argument entirely. Read what really happened right here. And I've got Hearing Examiner Frank Martens, for whom I used to clerk before I was an Ohio Assistant Atty General BTW, in my suspension hearing where Bruce Campbell (the white-haired fellow at my discipline proceedings in some of my short films with part of his cadre of haters -- you really should watch these on hi-res TV monitors you see much more than Internet) and the Bar Ass'n folks tried to sneak his ass in on me without prior notice to talk about some bullsh*t or whatever where we taped his ass saying something hateful and he didn't like it. We might put that in the next movie, actually. I got him thrown out, but only after much panel discussion that back in 1997 they never thought would be seen by the entire World. But it will be: It's already in the can.


Anonymous said...

Love the Wiley Coyote track on the Chief Dunn link. V. funny, Chris.

Christopher King said...

Yeah, I know. And it totally fits with the news story from NYC.

But let's not loose focus: That new movie is scary and it shows just how despicable ATC can be. Have we no doubt that they got together with Chief Dunn against me in those phone calls they had with him? They had motive, opportunity and a willing accomplice.

But ACME engineering always fails.

Christopher King said...

PS the Road Runner one on "No Justice" is just as good :)