27 December 2005

SAAB exposes NAACP Portland sellout?

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UPDATES FIRST: Read this 27 Feb '06 blawg entry and the comment.

Well folks I've got it on the QT from a SAAB buddy of mine that Portland Maine's NAACP office pushed a too-strong brother out of office back around the time I was born. This individual, who shall remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, gleans his knowledge from the Portland Press Herald, the Portland Evening Express and the American Journal. Let's see what he can dig up about this mamby-pamby "organization" they call America's "Oldest Civil Rights Organization."

Now read here the NAACP v. Claiborne case to see WWRND (What Would Real Nigguh's Do?), i.e. "If we catch any of you going in any of them racist stores, we're going to break your damn neck."

Blawg yahtzee: Closing Arguments one and two.

PS: Some interesting graphics work sure is totally going on in Europe.

NOTE: Parody. I'm not trying to have anyone's legs broken, but they are trying to get me locked up to I can have my ass reamed; they actually think it's funny. I'm not down with any of that.


Claude Richard said...

Interesting topics in particular those on Kraftwerk and Autobahn.
Happy New Year !

Christopher King said...

A votre sante mon frere! C'est vrai que je peut faire l'audience internationale!