08 December 2005

Rosa Parks & Mother Ann on Gloria:

...this feature will run tomorrow owing to Ms. Park's transportation problems; couldn't get across the bridge.


Anonymous said...

"You can jail a Revolutionary, but you can't jail the Revolution."

Huey P. Newton


Christopher King said...

I know that's right.
Part II coming up shortly.

Christopher King said...

PS: And the more they fight me they more they make this whole thing a cause celebre so really it's just another rope-a-dope.

Wait until you see my offer to debate WMUR and Orr-Reno in open forum as well as the substance and procedure of the Unlicensed Practice of Law claim just filed by the NH Attorney General -- who of course ignored my notification of a Caucasian forging my name to a mortgage as a licensed Title Insurance Producer (which implicates Wire Fraud if you think about it), as well as my complaint against Chief Dunn.

I'm bringing all of that to the forefront to show that I don't do crimes -- I report them.

Anonymous said...

Was the NH AG charge another indictment?

Christopher King said...

No it is more civil but equally heinous and ill-guided. They have on prior occasion ignored valid complaints I filed against a corrupt title company that forged my signature on a mortgage, as well as the Complaint I filed against Chief Dunn earlier this year.

Of course as I noted long ago, Chief Dunn and former AG Peter Heed -- who himself left office after a sex scandal are good buddies; I got a pick of that. Heed used to stand in Bill Albrecht's shoes as Cheshire Prosecutor. Anyway, so why do they pick on me for showing my organ to a Caucasian female manager at ATC who carried around a clit vibrator that she showed me the first day we met, and who specifically asked to see it when whomever Heed rubbed up against acutally was not receptive?

Stay tuned for tonight's post.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the line from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the football star's little brother is rolling around with Spicoli in his brothers Trans Am, tht he apparently got from a grateful alumnus. The little brother is chatting about the Playboy he is checking out, smoking a J, he can be older than 14, and he non chalantly states "I like sex". You and the Heed-onist got that common ground working. And stop it with the clit vibrator, you're killing me every time you mention it.