07 December 2005

A Posthumous chat with Rosa Parks & Mother Ann.

this is an audio post - click to play

this is an audio post - click to play

I had a chat with these two Women of a Certain Age; Women of a Certain Colour this evening on the way home from work. Here's what I remember from that interview:

"Son, we spent all that money on you so you could articulate yourself and now they want you to shut up.... they say okay that's enough exercise of your First Amendment Rights today, Boy."

"But I'm a U.S. Citizen."

"Son, you better watch yourself up there in New Hampshire 'cos the lawyers own the media and the courts up there will never let you bring your camera in and they'll shut down that blawg of yours..... so nobody can hear you scream when they come for you in the night."

"They can't do that to me. I've never misrepresented myself, and Gloria Timmons said the NAACP loved and supported me a whole month after I wrote that Demand Letter, and more than 2 weeks after she heard from Chief Dunn."

"Nigguh' please. She's bought and sold. But one thing you should do, 'cos the court told you the cases are separate, you go get yourself a criminal blawg and just say what you want to say about the criminal case over there."

"Great idea!"

"We know.... and Son, watch out: Them folks are terrorists, they'll smile in your face, make nice to the Court and cut your heart out in the back alleyway and feed it to you for lunch. You best keep on working that police chief."

Coming Tomorrow: The ladies speak on Gloria Timmons.

PS: But are they really separate? Remember how they tried to get me locked up in the Criminal Case on a bail revocation hearing where they used Charlie Bauer's Notice of Service from the Civil Case that wasn't even sent to the right address?

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