20 December 2005

Poetic Justice: Nigguh's Rule the Gallery!

Well 20 minutes ago I visited the nigguh's (term of Endearment) at SMASH, the new store where failed Gallery owner and "complainant" Jacqueline Ellwood lied about me, and we watched some movies.
My movies.

"Anytime you argue Civil Rights as a black man or woman they will shut you down," said Raymond. "But them white folks, KKK, they get protection." Sean, Eddie and I concurred, no dissent. Read the "Truth about King" in Columbus, Ohio to prove that point.

"That's what those sally-assed nigguh's allow nowadays at the NAACP," I said. So I gave them a bunch of my business cards, printed right 'cross the street, where they love me at Minuteman Press, as seen in my movie: "Day in Nashua # I," and as we will see again in another new movie soon:

"He thought that was funny?" said Laurie, in astonishment that Chief Dunn and his attorney Charlie Bauer were laughing at a hate mail talking about my ass getting reamed in prison in my 22 Nov. '05 Blawg entry.

Yes they did say that was funny, and I requested the court video to prove it. [2 Feb. 2006 update: I never got the video and now Judge Hicks has moved up to the NH Supreme Court].

Anyway, they have the new Nike Scarface trainers at Smash. I love Al Pacino; he appears regularly in my blawg and hypertexts. The best Method Actor around.

PS: I'm not so bad myself; maybe I'll get to make a mob movie yet!

Meanwhile, I'll be checking out more of the New York scene :)


Anonymous said...

By your account, you seem to be everyman. Are you mortal, or is that a method act?

Christopher King said...

The facts are on the page.



Christopher King said...

PS: You wanna see me flinch, read the comments here:


Anonymous said...

Predictable. Your girl should read this.

Christopher King said...

What is predictable? The fact that ordinary folk in the streets support me and think that the NAACP are a bunch of sallys?

Girlfriend reads the blawg every day, in fact.

Christopher King said...

Oh, I know. It's typical that a guy like me would support CBGB's and find it amusing the likeness of this young lady to Debby Harry.


You are correct, then.

Anonymous said...

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