02 December 2005

Orr & Reno on the flip side:

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Take a look at them pander to the "get the information out" crowd in the case of In re Bowman Search Warrants, 146 NH 621, 781 A.2d 988 (2001) , losing only because the case involved unsealed criminal indictments. The High Court spit out some serious dicta:
"In general, criminal cases present considerations not present in civil cases. In order to preserve the legitimate public interest in the integrity of on-going, pre-indictment criminal investigations and to protect the rights of the individuals involved, including the defendant’s right to a fair trial should a defendant be identified, we prefer to recognize a qualified right of access to court records for a reasonable time in order not to jeopardize the State’s ability to conduct a proper criminal investigation."
Of course that set of circumstances is totally inapposite to this case. They best be prepared to argue this case on Monday with an eye to why my right to post Depo. transcripts in a damn Civil case should be impeded. I never even inquired anything of Timmons' personal life in the Depo. I told the Free World 23 Nov. 2005 that I would use their own cases against them, so hear we go!

No Justice, No Peace.



Where do you stand on the Tookie Williams case?

And later for that joker with the Chief nonsense.

Horn Dog said...

Is Attorney Proulx hot? She has nice hair, but photos are deceiving.

Christopher King said...

Wampanoag: I am not in favor of the Death Penalty to start with. Plus, have you read the Baldus Study?

And given the kind of hate mail I get, and the sort of comments like this one over at Talk Left, it never could be instituted equally even if it were ethically permissible.

"Just another gang banging, useless nigger. Should have shot him years ago. Take all the stupid ass rappers with you, dipshit."

Keep in mind that Chief Dunn and his attorney thought that the hate mail that I get, talking about busting my ass open and and that I am a worthless "piece of shit," to be "funny," yet find this blawg to be "despicable." Run a word search on that. These are "law enforcement" officials, mind you.

Horn Dog: Attorney Proulx and I have a love child. Not :) Actually I can't find anyone connected with this nefarious enterprise attractive. As for any woman I *DO* find attractive I will resist their attempts to incarcerate me or to take me away from them with all deliberate speed and vigor.

No Justice, No Peace.

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