01 December 2005

No Word of a Lie.

1. Read this introductory letter to some hard-working immigrants. I always tell people I'm not licensed and a bunch of Russians, some of whom worked for an abusive company for decades will tell you that; tell you I always tell the story about it, too -- again involving Professor Lou Jacobs' quote that "race, ignorance and reactionary politics" played a role. NAACP was no different and my suspension I orally discussed with those liars ad nauseam and that's why Timmons tries to say she threw out her emails that make any reference to suspension and Lou Jacobs. Better clear out that damn evidentiary trail, right?

2. Of course I know Attorney Corey Surett, and of course I had a major role in getting ATC popped for $300K, despite Chief Dunn and Gloria Timmons' attempts to downplay "my prior accomplishments" about which they agree "wholeheartedly" I have "fantasies." Read this redacted letter to Attorney Surett that neatly ties together the past and present.

3. Dig this email where I ask Chief Dunn at 1:51 p.m, on 10 January 2005 in the first damn paragraph where I ask him for any evidence of drug probable cause. Of course Chief Dunn could have eliminated this whole problem by simply telling me "Hey King, we had a C.I. (confidential informant) on Mr. Toney," to which I would have said. "Cool. My Bad, Dude. Best wishes for continued safety in the New Year," which is how I ended much of my correspondence to him. Now I've gotta file a Motion with the Court to reopen testimony on the C.I. issue because he refused to admit that there was one, even though I subsequently came to know through Mr. Toney and Defendant Timmons that there was one.

No Justice, No Peace.

PS: Know what my nickname was to my Tennessee cousins growing up? "'pfessor." Funny, huh? Still out here teachin' & preachin', 30-some years later.


Anonymous said...

Love the my bad link! A picture says a thousand words!

Anonymous said...

Great, now we'll have a pack of Ruskies filing frivolous lawsuits - its the American Way!

You can not be a victim and a hero at the same time. Make up your mind(s).

Christopher King said...

David, I love that one, too.

Anonymous: Was not JFK a victim and hero at the same time? Was not Jesus Christ a victim and hero? Ghandi? Etc., etc. Life is a very complex weave and it cannot be painted in one dimension. Work with me here.

And those Ruskies worked their asses off, built that goddamn company to where it made a ton of bucks, over the course of many many years, then they got sacked for no fair reason. Do I sense a lilt of xenophobia here? Because unless you are Native American you can step off with the hate. (I'm proud to be 1/16 Cherokee)


Anonymous said...

Chief Jay Strongbow,

All these notable people you mention, do you supposed any of them would put himself foward publicly either as a hero or victim and seek adulation or sympathy.

The rest is just a bit of a laugh about the American legal system and what it must look like to someone new to this country. And your story must make their head spin. Also, I need someone to clean my house, too, and the eastern Europeans are as you say good workers. Great porn, too. ;)

Step off with the hate, I am gonna have to use that one sometime. You are entertaining, if nothing else. I hope you can record your next court event.

Christopher King said...

I am but merely a messenger. I don't fight for victim space nor as a hero. What people infer is their own business.

I reserve comment on the rest of your comment :)

Christopher King said...

Plus, if you look at the items I published in this blawg, it's really more about me defending myself against haters by showing concrete examples of why they are wrong. ATC started this whole thing in 2002 and now we see they are right back in it again for what they told (and didn't tell) Chief Dunn -- if we are to believe Chief Dunn and his sworn testimony.

See why they don't want me blawgging about this case? We live in a dangerous country.

Christopher King said...

Oh, gosh, I forgot to mention that my foreign correspondent is a Russian lawyer; will be attending law school here in the U.S. and cannot believe what the hell she is seeing; honestly did mention Stalin in reference to this.

See 17 Nov.


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