26 December 2005

New "Virtual Court" rules allow King time to chill:

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26 Dec 2005 For Immediate Release:
Recently-enacted NH proviso #05-6969 as codified now permits litigants the option of "trial by blawg," such that they need not waste valuable time and natural resources to actually appear in court:

"This is great," said King. "I'm chillin' out here with Hef and Weezer at the mansion.... just gonna' handle things from here, Man."

King reminds us that he's already got his closing argument set up and much of the relevant Deposition Testimony is online, so he's good-to-go:

"Remember how Kraftwerk threatened not to actually appear for tour -- just send dummies and a soundtrack? Well there you go.... Fun auf der Autobahn," said the embattled Civil Rights activist.

Blawg yahtzee: "This case is a cartoon!"

NOTE: Parody. King will obey all rules of Court.


Christopher King said...

and this from today's email from someone who chooses to remain anonymous:

nice job on the closing arguement. when did that take place?

Christopher King said...

funny that's it's not actually a closing argument -- i would develop more background before closing with that -- but it is pretty damn good if i say so myself.

if they think they can beat it let's get it on. it's like that Stefan Edberg high kick serve: you know it's coming, but it's still gonna' kick your butt.