31 December 2005

More thoughts on Marty & Charlie.

First off, here's another NAACP fuck-up from my home state, similar to these, also from Ohio.
Next up: You know Charlie Bauer (Suspended Jaffrey NH Police Chief Marty Dunn's lawyer in my civil case against him) immediately forwarded to Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht a copy of the Injunctive Order (actually finding that I engaged unauthorized practice of law by passing this business card). Said Prosecutor, BTW, has been laboring under the false impression given to him by the NAACP Defendants Timmons and Levesque that the NAACP -- as an entity -- does not sue!!

But here's the thing about him sending that Order:
I don't give a shit. And Bauer and Attorney Andru Volinsky need to be more worried about whether their man -- who has been suspended from practice -- has a damn job at the end of the Day. If I ever go to trial out there we're going to have an actual copy of the CD of that all-important meeting between NAACP leaders, Willie Toney and Hannah Dunchas available -- and actually have Willie Toney's lady friend Hannah Dunchas on the stand -- along with the emails between Her/Willie Toney and me, instead of the bullshit hearsay affidavits the state successfully paraded before Judge Groff (with neither affiant being proved unavailable) earlier this month on that UPL claim. Their lies will not hold up.

Speaking of lies, here's yet another email that I found that Charlie Bauer lied about when he told the Court "That's the Universe!"

Also: I've heard the CD and I've already got Defendant Gloria Timmons testifying under Oath falsely during her Depo despite the fact that the Court extended her from 19 Sept. to 31 Oct. to prepare, which substantially wrecked my litigation strategy. So let's see what else stupid she'll say.

Blawg Yahtzee: A word about local NAACP's Black women

PS: Here's more news about police in New Hampshire.

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