23 December 2005

More NAACP idiocy:

Pushin' and shovin' and all that crap. They suck.
Partial Retraction: Greensboro NC is on the move, at least. Go on, Brother Jerry et al., do it right.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stoppin in at ErieVoices, Chris. Just a reader/friend of EV. These folks need help. Seems the folks @ NAACP NE Ohio have some shit to work out. It's like a lot of things. Check back later. Contact Bryan Please.

Christopher King said...

Dude no way... I just scrolled down to 14 Dec. and read an editorial by my former boss and probable Expert Witness Terry Gilbert, Esq. He's a Great Guy and you can see him and his wife Robin in the "background" and "movie trailer" movies.

I'll be in touch; let's make sure we all monitor groups like NAACP; call them on the mat when live foul, act stupid and make people question the value of the "organization" itself.

No Justice, No Peace.

Anonymous said...

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