18 December 2005


In my humble opinion, it takes a jackass to say that passing my cards indicates I was licensed anywhere, because the cards only take you back to the website and this blawg, which from Day One talked about my suspension. In fact, that's the whole honkin' point.
Got it?

No Justice, No Peace.


David said...

I agree - there was nothing to the card except name, contact information, and a nice logo. Someone is clutching for straws.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah.

Christopher King said...

That's precisely why the State didn't provide me a copy of it until after they filed so I couldn't articulate a full response. This is a heinous prosecution, so I will be most interested to see what NAACP Chief Bruce Gordon has to say when I file my Complaint.

And I just finished watching the video from another Day in Nashua, from the 5 Dec. "Can I post Depo. Testimony online" hearing. It is simply amazing the encouragement from local people.