24 December 2005

Incredible comments from my Jewish Brothers:

Y'all been waiting on that Lou Jacobs letter long enough. But first read noted Attorney Terry Gilbert's preamble for "American Lawyer I: Christopher King is a Dangerous Black Man." Now read between the lines to see that Attorney/Professor Jacobs is basically saying I'm not perfect, but that I was getting shagged hard and put away wet. Then there's last week's Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial by Terry H. Gilbert, another mentor (and former boss) who wrote a premble for the movie that ran in Cambridge and Boston public access "American Lawyer: Christopher King is a Dangerous Black Man."

It's all about Due Process. Don't forget about the damn Due Process letter I sent to Assistant Attorney General Stratton before I moved to Dismiss the Unauthorized Practice of Law case. No wonder Chief Dunn was so upset after I laid waste to the State's arguments. But remember: He could have taken the stand, but failed to.

PS: Let's see them try to keep that Lou Jacobs letter out from before a Jury -- criminal or civil -- considering he sits on the damn ethics panel. Remember, they're the ones who brought up my suspension in the First Place.

PPS: For interesting discourse on Blacks & Jews, and my interview with former Boston Globe writer Jonathan Kaufman "Broken Alliance," peep this Daily Kos thread.
FWIW I personally have never had a problem with Jewish people; we've helped each other through the years too much for that bullshit.