12 December 2005

Hey guys, new movie!

Of course I wonder if these corporate shills had seen this video #7 before during any consultations with American Tower, but if not, we know they can watch it now -- and the actual employees are alive and well to testify about ATC. When we hear former Veep Jody Mitchell tell the Woburn Police in an actual recording "I don't know this guy -- except that he's a scoundrel," keep mind she had just personally and directly presented me with the second "Employee of the Week" award, and Attorney Crnilovic-Phillips and I had earned $6,000.00 raises for our skills and production. No one else got that, folks. So Mitchell and American Tower's repugnant being is the sort of element to which I've been exposed for the past several years; I thought I was done with them only to discover that they too, along with the NAACP, got into bed with Jaffrey Police. I need a shower just thinking about it.

American Lawyer; American Tower pt.II is direct linked right here. Query, why didn't the bought-and-sold NAACP even care about all the black folks ATC fired? I gave them a complaint in writing, and as video 6 shows, at least one lawyer at ATC claimed to fear an NAACP picket line, specifically my boss, Joanne Treschel, Esq. What a paper tiger they are, ultimately.

No Justice, No Peace.


Anonymous said...

How long did you work at American Tower?

Christopher King said...

I had interviewed with ATC in 2000 while doing zoning for Sprint in Va. Beach, really wanted to be there, ya' know?

I worked there 8 months but it seemed like an eternity after we moved to Woburn. Down in Boston/Back Bay for the first coupla' months it really wasn't that bad to me.... there was unlawful overtime but at least most managers treated us with some modicum of respect. True they reneged on their promise to pay for parking for some people on the weekends when they called us in and whatnot, but I rode the MTBike so it didn't directly affect me.

Little did I know what was to come.

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