07 December 2005

Gag Order Victory

Well I just got this email from my lead Criminal Defense Attorney, former NH Hillsborough County lead Prosecutor David Horan:
County Attorney Albrecht has withdrawn his request to amend the bail conditions so as to prohibit the publication of information about the potential witnesses in this case. He has sent the court a letter indicating that the facts in this case are insufficient "to find that the defendant's prior web site postings constitute a danger to a person or the community or are of such nature to be intimidating to a potential witness to warrant the condition in question".
Attorney Bauer, who requested that Civil Court Judge Hicks review my blawg to restrict it while I am suing them for Defamation and First Amendment Retaliation, should take note: Let the truth out of the cage. Read this 21 November 2005 blawg piece very carefully; I'd like to believe this influenced Attorney Albrecht's decision-making.

Actually the parties agree on one thing:
Nobody's ever seen anything like this. They hope they never see it again.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a well-deserved victory! I find it amusing that Albrecht is essentially deeming himself the "finder of facts" in his letter to the court (i.e. the real finder of fact in this case). I also question his motives for withdrawing his bail modification request. One wonders whether he thought he was fighting a losing battle and didn't like the negative press or that he thinks it's to his (i.e. the state's) advantage to have you continue blogging. Something to consider....

Christopher King said...

Well I'm just glad he's not the judge, jury and executioner, to boot. There never is a simple reason when it comes to these people. I just keep on keepin' on. I hope you enjoy the blawgs of 9 Dec; I really love 'em both. The scalpel just gets sharper and sharper as the days go by.


Anonymous said...

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