06 December 2005

For Judge Hicks: Why the NAACP are a bunch of liars

I trust that I can still say that, given the stuff they have said about me, as seen over at my website. "We were duped," and "this is a man who operates under intimidation and threats,"
and, quite falsely, "The NAACP does not sue or threaten to sue any party," they are quoted as saying, and they never retracted such comments. They knew damn well about my suspension issue and were well aware of the 25 Dec. 2004 Demand Letter to Chief Dunn when Gloria Timmons wrote the 20 Jan. 2005 "we all love and support you" letter until Chief Dunn turned them into a bunch of lying cowards and they worked the Faustian Bargain. Read this 19 Oct 2005 blawg and this 22 Nov. 2005 blawg and see the obvious Truth for yourselves. And that includes His Honor, as he may not have had time yet to delve into the pending Motion to Compel on Defendant Timmons, and because Attorney Bauer specifically asked him in Open Court to read my blawg yesterday.

PS: Don't forget this 2 July 2005 piece from Crime & Federalism, Charlie.

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