28 December 2005

Dunn suspension part deux: "Put up or shut up!"

Presently deposed Jaffrey, NH Police Chief Dunn certainly likes the word "transgressions." He used it against both City Manager Jon Sistare and me, when he published information to 3rd parties as a matter of fact that I was mentally disturbed. Read this and this. In the current Jaffrey situation where he is suspended, he says:

Selectmen “know I’ve made verbal and written complaints to them on several occasions regarding Mr. Sistare’s transgressions,” [Dunn] said. (Editor: I wonder if those complaints are an exercise of Chief Dunn's First Amendment?).

Whatever the case, City Selectman Hollister is not missing Ol' Boy too much; not feelin' the Love anymore:
“The police department is being very well-run by acting Chief Oswalt,” he said Wednesday. “They’re meeting all the needs and requirements of the town.”

And regarding the packet of information that Dunn's wife claims he is about to file against City Manager Sistare (read post below), Selectman Sterling was equally harsh:

“We have not seen anything from Mr. Dunn since he’s been on leave... to back up or even to make any allegations against Mr. Sistare,” Sterling said.

“(Dunn’s) had ample time: I’m telling him: Put up or shut up,” Sterling said.

Now here's what I'm telling all of you out there: What's funny is that Dunn's attorney -- Andru Volinksy -- is actually one of the lawyers I called to help with Willie Toney's case back in The Day, as I just notified them via my discovery responses. Just get my narrow black ass out of New Hampshire and I'll promise only to return to ski. Promise. Scout's honor.

PS: On a somewhat related note, we do know that Chief Dunn's buddy, former Cheshire County Prosecutor and former NH Chief Attorney General Peter Heed was drummed out of office for sexual misconduct, regardless of whether he may have been a patsy for Craig Benson.
Just who are these people to question my integrity?

Blawg yahtzee: Chief Dunn hates this entry; he said so at his Depo. He thinks I'm all pornographic and sh*t. Funny though: Unlike Attorney Heed, I never had to leave any job because of my sexual indiscretions.

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