29 December 2005

Dunn fails to make blacks feel safe:

How safe do blacks really feel in the Monadnock area? I know I'm not feeling the love, at least from the certain elements. Neither does Renaissance Room co-owner Bill Perry, who held an MLK Day discussion about it while presently deposed Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn looks the other way.
“But by-and-large, it’s been very easy to live here,” Perry said. “We have a friendly police force. But the police force in Jaffrey has not been as friendly. In Jaffrey, I’ve been stopped four times. I finally said you know, I don’t fit the profile of Jaffrey Center and I am being hassled by these people. I never got a ticket; I got kind of curiosity, like what are you doing here? But part of being black is you learn to live with white people.”
Says King, "Actually, I've never had much of a race problem personally, but I definitely feel that Chief Dunn hates a bright, self-confident black guy like me having a go at him. No doubt about it."

But remember: He started this whole thing instead of just telling me that there was a confidential reliable informant in the Willie Toney wrongful arrest/police abuse matter when I had issued the NAACP Demand/Letter, which I simultaneously shared with our Nashua office and Boston President Alkins on 25 & 26 December, 2004, to discover that as of 20 Jan, 2005 -- well after Chief Dunn complained to the NAACP on 4 January, 2005 -- they still "loved and supported me." Until Chief Dunn brought that whip down, that is. Now NAACP & Chief Dunn are busom buddies, despite the fact that I had long since offered to talk with him at class (scroll down), and I had in fact directly referenced the Police Reports in the Demand Letter, so where he says NAACP issued a Demand Letter without research, that would be a gosh-darned lie.