04 December 2005

Don't %^^#&@$!! with my @%*%@#!!! Blawg!!!

May my detractors read it and weep:
This is the first time a high court in America has clearly extended the same protections to individuals posting on the net -- specifically with respect to libel and defamation -- as enjoyed by the traditional press. Furthermore the language of the decision suggests that all meaningful press protections should be extended to individuals on the net. This ruling will be cited in trials across America and it will prove to be very influential.

Corante blog writer Robert Cauthorn commenting on the 7 Oct. Decision in John Doe v. Cahill, Delaware Ct. App. No. 04C-11-22 (2005).
No Justice, No Peace.

PS: Show me the Constitutional difference between Dr. Martin Luther King's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail," that I analyzed for my Rhethoric undergrad graduate-level thesis paper under Dr. Steve Depoe (one of the most chill professors I've ever met or worked with) University of Cincinnati, 1988/9 -- and my blawg....
Answer: There isn't any, and that's really all I care about.

PPS: Steve, how old is that pic, though? Thanks (nonetheless) for the Law School recommendation. Love you, Man.