04 December 2005

Did Chief Dunn lie under Oath?

My recollection of his Depo:
After enjoying a laugh with Attorney Bauer and both men stating for the record pursuant to my question "why are you laughing?" that they think this letter (18 Nov.) to me talking about getting my ass reamed out in prison and being a "worthless piece of shit," is "funny," but my website is "despicable."

"Sir, do you know what ex parte means?" (as in Timmons ex parte Stalking TRO that the court threw out after an evidentiary hearing).

But here's this from yet another Orr-Reno case: In re Bowman Search Warrants, 16 July 2001 from Keene District Court (Case no. 2001-251) no less, right down the road from Jaffrey and precisely where the courthouse is where I may stand trial:
In New Hampshire, as in other States, search warrants are issued ex parte. See, e.g., State ex rel Childs v. Hayward, 109 N.H. 228, 230 (1968). Indeed, courts have long recognized that procedures for obtaining a search warrant require secrecy.
Perhaps Attorney Proulx, employed by Orr-Reno, could have prepped her co-defense counsel to better prepare his client for that searing question. Perhaps in his "32 years" of criminal experience he's never dealt with a search warrant???
And this guy is going to question my integrity?


Anonymous said...

did they (who is they, Chris?) testify under oath that they thought that the hate mail was funny, etc? That is so out of order.

Christopher King said...

They sure as hell did. You can never hide your true colours under pressure and both of them showed their ass that day.

Anonymous said...

wow, you goota nail them. But who is they?

Anonymous said...

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