11 December 2005

Dear King Richard; more focus.

Growing up in our house we were blessed to watch two King Richards: One drove a Ford and then a honkin' Mopar in the 70's - 80's when NASCAR was still gritty as was tennis; the other drove us crazy. Thanks for the legacy, Mr. Pryor. People like you and Lenny Bruce paved the way for many others, including to some extent, this blawg and me. As for King Petty, more than your heir died in New Hampshire, my Brother. The spirit of the U.S. Constitution is dying right along with him, the empirical proof you can see in my case.

So let's re-focus, shall we?: I am not burdened by the demons that in some ways befell men like Messrs Pryor and Bruce, so they have to try to incarcerate me instead; make my background look shaky.

Well get this, beloved: To the extent that American Tower and Chief Dunn communicated and/or conspired to make me look like an ass before, during or after I settled my lawsuit with American Tower, I re-direct everyone to yesterday's post "Focus: A Poll," so that we can see what type of people we're really dealing with here, up to and including Chairman Dodge and Jim Taiclet. I remember when Taiclet came out to Woburn for a picnic; everyone to a person snickered behind his back and complained about work conditions (Jessica and you, too, Gabby -- remember talking about it over beers at your apartment??) but few people had the nerve to say anything; those who did either quit or got fired, pure and simple. Now let's see Chief Dunn bring THAT to court wif' his bad sef' 'cos you know how he feels about me already.

PS: And here's a straight link to American Tower movie #1, (#2 coming tonight) and also here's a pic of some of these folks, including Aileen Torrance, an in-house lawyer who told more lies under Oath than you can shake a stick at; got the friggin' Deposition to prove it. My lawyer and I were astonished at her performance. I was content to leave these people alone until Chief Dunn told me what he told me, under Oath, now this is War and I'm going to expose every morally, socially and professionally repugnant thing they ever did to me and everyone else at ATC while Jody Mitchell was still a Veep. Corey Surett and I formed a respectful bond because of this company, and you can hear him talking to me about another case right here, proving that Timmons and Dunn are wrong about me, once again.

PS: A very Honorable Mention to Senator McCarthy. The Good One.

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