09 December 2005

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We're back live, with more on that discussion between My Great-Great Aunt and Rosa Parks:
Mother Ann: I remember that lil' girl Gloria/Timmons usta' come 'round here back in the '70's... I think her parents' folks were sharecroppers over there in the bottoms, next to the Wilsons."
Rosa Parks: Yep. They sure was. They Good People, Good People. But I don't know what happened to her, you know she done turned State's Witness against Chris."
M: Yes I know honey... I heard she got all scared of the police up there in New Hampshire."
R: And I think that military stuff done gone to her head. Now look at her.... she's all up in the cabin now with her Uncle Tom self, thinkin' she a Condi Rice or whatever."
M: "Ha! That's funny. She ain't even a Condi Rice wannabe. Got them stripes off a damn GI Joe set, I heard, but maybe that's not true. I just know my nephew Joe outranks her and he supported Chris years ago.... told him to make a movie."
R: I know. That boy was always tryin' to help people. Always talkin' with kids in school in Cleveland and Columbus; helped a lot of people in his lil' career. Hell he ain't but what, 33?
M: "Nah, honey he just looks young. He's 40. All that Green tea and sushi he be eatin'"
R: "Shut up!"
M: "No, really, he is. And Gloria and them used to support him a whole month after he wrote that damned letter to Chief Dunn."
R: "You're senile, you old heffa'.... we done talked about that last time."
M: "I ain't no heffa' and you know it's still important, sister. That woman is tryin' to take down a proud, gifted young brother and we ain't got too many of them left. How many black men you know done practiced Civil Rights Law up in the Federal Courts like that, alone.
R: "You're so right.... what she's doing to cover her ass and get in good with Jaffrey is a shame."
M: "A low-down shame."
R: "Just plain dirty."
Fade to Black. Definitely to Black.

No Justice, No Peace.

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